Who We Serve

From Fortune 500s to startups, high-tech companies rely on us to get the right parts to the right place at the right time.

Who We Serve

Getting the right parts, to the right place,
at the right time.

Service Supply Chain Solutions

Flash Global helps growing high-tech companies in a wide variety of industry verticals, supporting their mission-critical equipment to fulfill challenging same-day service contracts through superior service supply chain solutions. Those industry verticals include:

Network Hardware

From servers to IoT devices, getting high-tech parts to the right place at the right time is important to maintain business operations.

Network Security

Securing networks has never been more vital. To maintain the strength of the digital infrastructure, mission-critical parts must be delivered on time.

Data Storage

Data center growth, complex data storage needs and connectivity at all times is vital. Offline is unacceptable – delivering spare parts on time is critical.

Energy Tech

With the use of renewable energy rising, business continuity is more important than ever. When high-tech parts break, expedited replacement is vital.

Medical Devices

Extended downtimes could mean life or death in the medical industry. Keep operations flowing with our reliable mission-critical parts delivery .

Retail Tech

When retail systems go down, mission-critical parts must be replaced efficiently to minimize lost revenue and get the business restored as quickly as possible.

Telecom Tech

Telecommunications connects businesses around the world. Flash helps minimize downtimes by making consistent service part replacement deliveries.

“Lots of companies claim to be visionary. At Flash, we strive to be pacesetters. Working with an authority in the supply chain industry frees our clients to focus exclusively on building their business without worrying about the logistics.”
Greg Castello
Greg Castello


Service Supply Chain Solutions

Whether your supply chain is local or expanding internationally, our service supply chain solutions — spare parts logistics and other value-adds such as Importer of Record/Exporter of Record and Field Services — help you accelerate revenue and achieve growth.  

We work collaboratively as an extension of your team to help you meet or exceed same-day and next-day service level agreements.  Achieve growth and scalability globally – talk with us today to get started. 

Global Solutions, Locally Fueled

140+ countries served
700+ forward stocking locations
100k same-day deliveries annually
450k next-day deliveries annually

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