Executive Leadership

Flash Global’s Executive Leadership Team has the vision, passion and expertise of end-to end service supply chains needed to forge innovative solutions that keep the world connected.

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President & CEO
Having most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer for Flash Global, Sam Mikles brings over 20+ years of senior leadership experience in the service supply chain industry. Sam has dedicated his career to serve the customer, having architected and built global service & support organizations for some of the worlds most recognized OEM‘s in the high-tech space. Under his leadership at Hitachi Data Systems, Blue Coat Systems, and EMC, Sam was able to design, build, and implement global leading-edge service & support solutions that provided superior performance that directly contributed to revenue acceleration, profitability growth and ultimate customer satisfaction. With an extreme focus on process automation, data analytics, performance management, quality execution, and building high-performing teams, Sam is taking Flash to a higher level of global operational excellence to create consistency, predictability and visibility in all that we do.

“It’s all about serving the customer, ensuring their business requirements are being met with extreme conviction and a controlled sense of urgency. I know what it’s like to be in the front-line seeking service-delivery nirvana, anywhere, anytime in some of the most challenging countries in the world…I was the customer, just like you. It’s our job to make each of our customers a hero without anyone ever knowing our name. Seamless operations with outstanding operational performance, wrapping ourselves around every customer to create consistency, predictability and visibility in all that we do. I want customers to be proud of their partnership with Flash as a true extension of their own team. I am extremely passionate about leading our transformation from a traditional 3PL to a service supply chain partner that is innovating and delivering value for you and your customers.”– Sam Mikles


Chief Financial Officer
Greg Castello brings over 20 years of experience in financial and management roles within high-growth and innovative organizations to Flash. Greg’s financial stewardship is guided by his success for a variety of private equity-backed and public companies in both domestic and international business environments. Greg’s leadership has engineered several M&A transactions as well as compliance efforts and revenue generation. Certified as a CPA, he also draws on tenure as CFO Zephyr Communications Inc., and Vaultus Mobile Technologies Inc. Greg’s responsibilities have included all aspects of accounting, finance, and operations.

“Being forward-focused is the greatest asset that Flash offers our customers. This company is never content to simply address the market where it currently stands. Rather than respond to demand, we predict needs and opportunities in advance. The team at Flash watches for global trends and proactively leverages them. For our clients, that means we’re ready when they’re ready. Lots of companies claim to be visionary. At Flash, we strive to be pacesetters. Working with an authority in the supply chain industry frees our clients to focus exclusively on building their business without worrying about the logistics.”– Greg Castello


Chief Sales Officer
John Miller joined Flash in 2008. He is responsible for sales, marketing, and client development on a global basis. He is a dynamic leader who leverages 20-plus years of critical logistics supply chain expertise to forge successful business development initiatives that increase revenue, market share, and account penetration in domestic and global high-tech markets. John’s proven track record in client account development and his in-depth understanding of client-specific requirements is geared toward the critical parts space and driving opportunities for expansion within that space. Prior to joining Flash, John spent 14 years at Choice Logistics, where his progressive leadership of the sales and marketing teams placed him in senior executive roles — including Senior Vice President of Business Development. John also spent two years with Sonic Air earlier in his career. John’s documented success in client account development and in-depth understanding of client-specific requirements is geared toward the critical parts space and driving opportunities for expansion within that space.

“‘Right Part, Right Place, Right Time’ was the foundation for the service parts logistics industry when I first began my career 23 years ago. These fundamental principles still apply. However, the scope of business that now includes global expertise and optimized software solutions has moved global logistics leaders like Flash Global to the forefront of high tech global service initiatives and solutions. Flash Global will continue to invest in technology and resources to develop leading edge solutions for our clients on a global basis. Our vision is endless and our mission is critical to the success of our clients.”– John Miller


Chief Technology & Marketing Officer
Denise MacDonell, an expert in change management with a proven track record of shaping software applications to drive value-added services to customers, took over as Chief Technology Officer in 2016. Denise’s strategies, vision and ability to leverage technology and people to create a collaborative, efficient environment that always puts the customer first — after all, Flash is in the services business —is crucial to our success. Throughout her 15-year career, Denise has led and worked in turnaround and startup efforts with small, midsize and Fortune 100 companies. As vice president of Product Management for This Technology, Denise led the company’s transformation from an engineering-driven organization into one driven by product and software innovation. That successful evolution led Comcast Corporation to acquire This Technology in 2015 and Denise was appointed VP of Advertising Software, a role she held until coming to Flash.

“What we’re doing from a technology standpoint isn’t about building and maintaining a traditional supply chain where things are handed off from one stage to the next. We’re creating an ecosystem that meshes products and services into seamless solutions. Technology is that mesh.”– Denise MacDonell


Chief Customer Officer
Dan Silva has more than 20 years of experience, specifically in service operations and service account management, with previous leadership roles at both OEMs and aftermarket service organizations. Dan has dedicated his career to building and leading global customer support and warranty service operations for multinational organizations. At Seagate Technology, Dan was responsible for establishing the global repair and inventory planning operations that supported enterprise and consumer storage products. At Motorola Mobility, Dan helped build the global repair operating strategy and led key account management teams in all major markets, delivering scalable service models designed to maximize the customer experience. While at Flextronics, Dan led the global account management group supporting consumer and storage verticals in the global services business unit managing growth strategy and P&Ls. At Flash, Dan seeks to build upon that experience, creating a customer-centric organization that leverages data analytics to drive proactive support in partnering with our customers to build best-in-class service supply chain business models the build brand value.

“Our charter is to represent the voice of the customer within our solutions and service delivery as an extension of their supply chain business operations. By understanding our customer’s business objectives and expectations we can focus on delivering a consistent customer experience across our global network and through our daily service delivery as a customer-first organization.”– Dan Silva


Chief Operating Officer
Kris Michel, who took over as Chief Operating Officer in April 2019, is a hands-on leader who blends strategic vision with tenacity and sharp business acumen to drive operational improvements and transformational change. Throughout her career of 20+ years, mostly with MEVA Formwork and the Emerson family of companies, Kris has a consistent track record of driving revenue acceleration and EBIDTA growth. With an enthusiastic mindset, Kris fully embraces the challenges and emerging opportunities that come with service supply chain. As our customers continue to innovate and grow, Flash must adjust, adopt and transform accordingly — not only in the services we offer, where we offer them and how, but also in how we strategically guide each customer through the ever-changing landscape of the global service supply chain.

“We’re in the business of driving scalability and growth — for Flash, our valued customers and our trusted partners. No matter how big a company gets, some basic entrepreneurial skills and mindset are ALWAYS needed. A healthy blend of adaptability, innovation, accountability, quick decision making, and risk taking is essential for a well-functioning organization. This is especially spot-on with the speed of change in the service supply chain world — Kris Michel.”


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