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You make and sell great network security products, both hardware and software. Let us provide replacement parts and service for them around the globe.

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You make advanced network security hardware businesses rely on day in and day out, but your work does not end with the sale. In fact, your obligation to customers — and arguably your greatest challenge — begins at that point. Your ability to deliver replacement parts within a matter of hours anywhere in the world could make or break your company.

Flash Global partners with you to handle your service supply chain – a wide suite of post-sale services, including spare parts logistics – so you can focus on creating groundbreaking design. Flash keeps working in the background with your international customer base to keep them happy with rapid response times that ensures their firewalls are secure and data is safe. Best of all, we work as private label contractors under your brand, so you are the hero in the eyes of your customers.

Flash Global supports network security OEMs who have combined annual revenues totaling over $7 billion, including companies that provide secure network servers, unified threat management (UTM) devices, firewalls and more.


The Challenges of Global Product Support

Network security is a critical component of a business’ immune system, operating all day, every day. It provides vital protection against myriad threats — viruses, malware, and ransomware, to name a few — companies can fend off potential cyberattacks.

So when you promise your customers that you’ll protect their daily operations with your state-of-the-art hardware and software, you know what’s on the line: data integrity and usability — and their bottom line.

The challenge for OEMs in this vertical is to navigate all the functions required to keep customer data safe. Post-sales support includes coordinating across call centers, field service technicians and spare parts inventory in multiple countries, all while delivering rapid response times and accurate technical services.

Downtime can damage any business. Not only is your brand reputation on the line, but downtime presents significant cost implications for you and your customers. This is where Flash steps in. We can provide diagnostic services, service your equipment and deliver replacement parts, anywhere in the world, in timelines that meet your warranty and service level agreement (SLA) obligations. Simply stated, Flash helps you keep your promises to your customers.

How can network security manufacturers stay focused on innovation and improving their hardware? They let expert service supply chain partners step in to enhance the customer experience after the sale.

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How We Can Help

Flash Global works on your behalf, after the sale to support your products around the world. Our goals are to minimize product downtime, optimize spare parts warehousing and reduce total cost of ownership.

We do this by designing world-class solutions around your installed base and SLAs. In fact, our proprietary tool, FlashTrac, helps our customers achieve 98+% for KPIs in shipping and receiving accuracy, on-time performance metrics, inventory accuracy, and dock-to-stock on-time performance.

There is nothing on the market that comes close to FlashTrac, which we custom-built for the service supply chain. Here are a few of the things FlashTrac can do for your company:

  • Provide end-to-end visibility into your global parts inventory.
  • Reduce inventory costs.
  • Empower you to place orders based on availability by location.
  • Facilitate the completion, delivery and storage of accurate trade compliance documentation.
  • Alleviates many of the top challenges network security hardware OEMs face.

In short, we help you keep your customers satisfied and asking for more.

The success of our service logistics and technical services offerings relies on inventory integrity. Flash Global has developed technology, streamlined processes and robust reporting capabilities that are purpose-built to provide inventory visibility and accuracy throughout your supply chain. We do this by consistently shipping parts on time and keeping defective products in-country or in-region for screen and test whenever possible. This reduces the turnaround time for returned parts identified as no-trouble-found (NTF) or no-fault-found (NFF).

Think of Flash as your company’s redundancy or insurance policy in the marketplace, ensuring an excellent end-user experience, usability and full support whether you’re selling in new markets, reclaiming and recycling parts, or navigating the myriad rules and regulations of global trade compliance.

Our services include:

  • Field services – dispatching service technicians to quickly address problems.
  • Spare parts logistics to get replacement parts to the right place at the right time, minimizing overhead and downtime.
  • In-region parts repairs to get parts back into operation quickly.
  • Asset recovery and recycling.
  • Country-specific regulatory and trade compliance functions.
  • Rapid support in more than 170 countries

Learn more about our all of our service supply chain offerings.

Our Experience

Flash Global supports some of the world’s largest technology companies and hardware manufacturers, including many household names. We help these companies with service logistics, screening and testing, repairs, storage, and international trade compliance functions.

Support, Service & Logistics for Data Storage – Read our case study to see how Flash Global helped one of the world’s largest network security companies buck diversification trends and consolidate their entire North American warranty replacement program.


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