Expedited Outcomes to Reduce Unnecessary Downtime

Expedited Outcomes
to Reduce Unnecessary Downtime


Flash Global partners with Top Gun Technology, a company providing mission-critical support services for Fortune 1000 companies across the globe. The company provides the highest caliber of infrastructure and maintenance support for servers, software, hardware, and more.

Setting the
Bar High

Unnecessary downtime can be costly for any business, but for those needing mission-critical support services, time is of the essence.

To stay competitive, Top Gun Technology set its delivery timeline and performance expectations sky-high, with four-hour delivery of critical spare parts and services around the world.

As the business continued to grow, the company knew they needed to enhance their global coverage for mission-critical spare parts to meet customer demand and manage cost.

Efficient Services to Exceed Expectations

To accomplish these high expectations, they needed a trusted partner who could help it scale its services without compromising its elite standards.

Expert Solutions

Service logistics and international trade management

Global Footprint

Access to 700+ forward-stocking locations (FSLs) in 140+ countries

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Mission-Critical Support

Services anywhere in the world within a 2-hour or 4-hour delivery time

Delivering Results

In less than one year, Flash opened several more FSLs in the United States for Top Gun Technology. Each location was quickly stocked with easily accessible replacement parts ready to be deployed in hours.

Choosing Flash gave the company the capability to fulfill the world’s toughest service level agreements in some of the highest-stakes situations.

Collaborating with Flash also gave Top Gun Technology the confidence to expand globally and without hesitation because they know they can leverage Flash’s infrastructure and expertise in all corners of the globe.

Top Gun Results with Flash

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