No other company can even come close to the guaranteed transit time of 12 days offered by Flash, resulting in a reduction of pipeline inventory of at least 40% in most cases.

Flash’s experience and integration with Brazilian customs creates predictable outcomes while adhering to some of the world’s most complicated trade compliance.

Brazil presents tremendous opportunity for business expansion. As the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil spans 5,290,899 miles and boasts a population of 203,429,773. Add to the mix three distinct time zones and 10 bordering countries, Brazil is the definition of challenger market when it comes to executing streamlined service parts logistics. Thankfully, you can rely on Flash’s expertise to get you where you need to be. Only Flash guarantees 12-day shipping from the USA to on-the-shelf in Brazil. Flash not only gets you in and around Brazil faster, we offer a whole host of benefits for anyone looking to do business in Brazil.

Flash Global is incorporated in Brazil, and our systems are fully integrated with Brazilian customs, enabling us to streamline the customer’s clearance process; more importantly, the IOR/EOR process in San Paolo is the Flash hub and entry point into Brazil where we have our state-of-the–art command center (for Brazil and all of Latin America), a DC specialized in service supply chain and the most expansive froward stocking location (FSL) network in the industry.