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Increase Visibility, Reduce Lead Times with Supply Chain Technology

The backbone of Flash Global is our operating system called FlashTrac. It is considered the most flexible, customer-friendly system in the industry. The system is simple to use and easily integrated with most of our customers' operating platforms.

FlashTrac features include a global, real-time view of all field inventory, order management, and third-party shipment tracking, all of which enhance our ability to identify and manage any potential exceptions that might occur. Most importantly, FlashTrac enables us to scale our business, gain productivity and optimize solutions for our customers.

The technology core is an enterprise application designed and developed using Microsoft Technologies and provides multiple forms of electronic messaging for B2B applications across a divergent customer base. 

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s imperative to streamline your supply chain and optimize productivity.

Flash Global’s proprietary supply chain technology and dynamic systems:

  • Simplify your supply chain management
  • Reduce your operational costs and total cost of ownership
  • Increases visibility and control over inventory
  • Enable your business to operate more efficiently

Through a more stable and efficient supply chain, you’ll enhance customer satisfaction increase retention and accelerate revenue growth.

With Flash Global’s suite of proprietary, problem-solving supply chain technologies (FlashTrac and FlashLite) you can now create an easier, more efficient, more accurate service supply chain.

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