Global Trade Compliance

Flash Global is focused on moving your products, both new and refurbished, through customs in over 90 countries.

We work to protect you from costly delays and compliance violations while empowering you to manage a predictable pipeline inventory through four main focuses:

  • Global Trade Compliance and regulatory changes
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Program Overview
  • Export Compliance Management Program


Trade and regulatory compliance infractions can be costly, creating potential legal infractions, negatively impacting your brand reputation, and adding significant time delays that could result in the loss of sales or service. Flash’s team of experts, located in over 90 countries worldwide, manages your trade compliance and service supply chain at every touch point, delivering:

  • Minimized risk of compliance issues which can result in delays.
  • Maximized cost savings on duty, tax, and inventory.
  • Reduction in transit times, keeping inventory visible and available.

Global Trade Management and Compliance Benefits

Flash is the leading authority in Importer of Record (IOR) & Exporter of Record (EOR) Compliance, facilitating critical product imports and exports in countries around the globe. Our local partners, fully vetted before onboarding, have intimate knowledge of local customs requirements and risks of non-compliance, and assume all risk with local customs agencies. Our global trade management clients reap the benefits of this global network.

  • Ownership of goods remains with customer
  • Avoid capital outlay in emerging markets
  • Minimize client resource requirements
  • Rapid set up of after-sales services in most countries
  • Avoid the costs and intensive involvement associated with incorporating in each country
  • Avoid corporate tax exposure

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Program Overview

Understanding all of the laws pertaining to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Program can be daunting.We make global trade management simple by taking on the burden of risk and protecting your reputation. Flash Global ensures strict compliance to FCPA laws through our Export Management and Compliance Program.

Export Management and Compliance Program

Our Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP) ensures all exports are consistent with export administration regulations. We guarantee our due diligence in complying with these regulations for day-to-day operations, protecting the commercial interests of our clients. Flash Global is setting compliance standards in exports around the world by strictly adhering to policies and procedures.

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