Configuration To Order

When deploying hardware or software solutions to global customers, it's imperative the systems are tailored to your specifications and delivered on your terms, meeting or exceeding SLA requirements.

Flash Global’s end-to-end service supply chain makes this possible with our expert configuration and deployment services that bring your customers exactly what they ordered.

With the help of Flash’s solutions design team, you can significantly reduce costs associated with customs processes and taxes associated with your configure to order needs.

Flash performs large-scale staging, imaging and configure to order services of new product for deployment. Over the years Flash has received, inspected, staged and custom configured multiple systems and peripheral products for deployment to over 90 global locations.

Flash’s staging and configuration operations reside in our Global Service Centers. The combined depot repair and service logistics center allows for large-scale integration. Another Flash advantage is multiple OEM authorizations in supporting warranty and out-of-warranty product combinations.

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