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Inventory Asset Management (IAM)

Flash Global’s Inventory Asset Management (IAM) program is an alternative to the burdensome initial fixed-cost investment required in deploying service parts.

Flash is uniquely positioned to handle the financial realities of IT spare parts, most notably rapid depreciation and low value in the secondary market. The IAM program enables you to deploy OEM-authorized parts globally, while Flash maintains ownership and responsibility.

Flash financial alternative advantages:

  • Financial investment made by Flash
  • Flexible length of term to match contracts
  • Inventory rebalancing across multiple accounts
  • Parts planning/forecasting
  • Parts pooling and sharing to further reduce costs
  • Flash supply chain model provides a high level of inventory control
  • Closed Loop inventory system eliminates stock-outs
  • Parts replenishment is automatic at minimum/maximum levels
  • Logistics and depot repair centers globally
  • New OEM part discounts available

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