If you’re like most people, you weren’t born knowing what a service supply chain (SSC) is, or what one does. In fact, the SSC has only been around, in its entirety, for less than a decade.

That’s why we here at Flash Global created a video called “What The *Bleep* Is A Service Supply Chain?” It’s our most popular You Tube video by far. Obviously, lots of people want to understand worldwide service supply chains and we’re happy to explain.

Watch Service Supply Chain Video

Here’s what 4 minutes and 53 seconds of video covers.

The textbook definition of a service supply chain is:

“A detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation comprised of an integrated set of logistics and professional services specifically designed to enable OEMs to support the products after the sale.”

The good news is: Flash Global makes it sexier (and easier to understand) than this cornflakes-without­-the-milk explanation because we think our work is fun — and interesting — and deeply satisfying. Learn more about our approach to service supply chain and why we’re committed to bringing the visibility and consistency a business needs to expand in today’s global marketplace.

It’s important to understand that the service supply chain is most optimal and cost-effective when individual products or services are layered in with the more traditional supply chain services like warehousing, transportation and order management.

Product Fulfillment

When it comes to product fulfillment, Flash Global does it all – seamlessly. We fulfill your orders how you want, when you want, at a price point that benefits us both. Our ultimate goal is help you scale product fulfillment globally, reduce total ownership cost and to deliver exactly what your customers need. In many cases we provide “white glove” service to ensure your customer never knows there’s a middle man (or woman) handling their order.

Our global product fulfillment services include:

Screen, Test and Repair Vlog

Especially if your company is looking to expand into a new country or region, Flash Global can help you move into new markets more quickly and easily than if you do it alone. Perhaps you’re using an existing partner but have outgrown the relationship or they’re under-performing. We can help you there as well.

Service Logistics

Service parts logistics means getting the right part to the right place at the right time. Supply chains are complicated enough without your distribution partner making your life more complex. That’s why when you work with Flash Global your company has 1, count ’em 1, dedicated account manager who is your single point of contact.

Whether you need regular ol’ distribution, a forward stocking location, spare parts inventory management, scheduled deliveries, 2-to-4-hour delivery windows, next-business-day delivery or a trade compliance strategy to ensure a seamless flow of spare parts and units across international borders, we can make it happen.

That’s because our infrastructure includes:

  • Global Service Centers
  • Multilingual, in-region Command Centers
  • Forward Stocking Locations
  • Multi-client distribution centers

 Field Services Management

When something breaks or a product needs a refresh on-site in a faraway land, who do you call? Your company doesn’t need to keep technicians in every country where you sell products or support enterprise customers. Flash Global offers field services management so our technicians can be your eyes (and repair gurus) on the ground, which lets you keep customers happy, response times quick, and costs down.

We recognize the challenges of today’s IT landscape, so we built our IT professional field services management strategy with our customers in mind. We help companies extend their reach and expertise in more than 130 countries, relieving them of the burden of upfront investment in technical resources.

Our highly trained technicians vary in technical levels and are OEM-certified by over 10 major manufacturers, and we hold individual and corporate CompTIA A+ certifications.

Screen, Test and Repair

Do you need your high-tech service parts to be back in action faster? Our service centers are strategically located around the globe, where we perform warranty repairs, including screen, test and repair services, as well as warranty management.

With in-region screening and testing, we verify returned parts are actually broken before beginning repairs, which reduces your costs on those pesky “no trouble found” parts. Then, our warranty management specialists figure out who’s responsible for the fix and make sure your product gets into the right hands for repair.

Repair Services

Once a part has been judged genuinely defective, our global service supply chain infrastructure can handle your Level 1-Level 3 (L1-L3) support needs in-country or in-region using qualified local technicians and factory authorized parts. We understand that knowing why a product failed is as valuable as making your customers happy, so we provide comprehensive and detailed data for every support ticket we receive.

Again, Flash Global technicians are OEM-certified by more than 10 major manufacturers and, we hold individual and corporate CompTIA A+ certifications. We are committed to quality.

Your products don’t have to come back to the mothership, saving time and significant expenses. Best of all, our in-region screening, testing and repair services support your customer retention and product development needs.

Trade Compliance

If the words ‘trade compliance’ make your eyes glaze over, never fear. Flash Global helps companies maximize cost efficiencies by accelerating transit and customs clearance in over 90 countries. We do this by creating an end-to-end strategy that fits your goals for each country, extending your reach into new markets with limited capital investment and no fixed costs.

Thanks to our local expertise and in-country or in-region resources, we enable customers to meet their service level agreements (SLAs) more efficiently. This results in reduced field inventory and improved customer satisfaction, whether you’re moving new or refurbished products through customs. With your proper authorization, we’ll ensure importer of record/exporter of record (IOR/EOR) services are performed are your behalf.

So, that’s it. Global, end-to-end service supply chain explained. Want to know more? Fill out the form below. We look forward to helping you grow.