Services & Support for Repair Managers

Flash Global can streamline your repair operations, in or out of warranty, and help control the total cost of ownership.

Services & Support for Repair Managers

Flash Global can streamline your repair operations, in or out of warranty, and help control the total cost of ownership.

Repair Support & Management

The marketing and sales departments find the customers and sells your products, but as a repair manager it’s your great service and support after the sale that keeps customers coming back. Flash Global has the tools to help you take your customer support to the next level while controlling costs.


The Challenges Repair Managers Face

Don’t you envy the manufacturing department? All they have to do is build products and ship them out en masse on neat, shrink-wrapped pallets. But there’s nothing neat about repairs, especially if a warranty is in place: products come back in a haphazard manner and need immediate attention. Some days it seems like everybody is your customer — both inside the company and outside — and none of them are happy.

This is all in a day’s work for a repair manager:

  1. Keep multiple departments on the same page. Sales may want to over-promise (“Sure, we can support your factory in Romania by next month!”), while engineering and manufacturing may need guidance and help building relationships with customers’ internal teams.
  2. Determine the reason for warranty claims. Are the end users not using the product as expected or is there a design flaw? You navigate the delicate issues of user error and design problems to find solutions that work for all stakeholders.
  3. Keep customers happy. Customer satisfaction is directly correlated to increased purchases and brand loyalty. For good reason: equipment failures can disrupt customers’ operations and profits — even cost lives if it’s a key medical or aeronautical component.
  4. Predict the future. Customers expect 100% uptime. You need either a crystal ball or access to the data and analytics needed to prevent failures and downtime. Preemptive maintenance sounds mundane, but it’s a critical part of supporting 24/7 uptime.
  5. Control costs. Time vs. cost is a constant balancing act. A central repair center may seem more efficient, but consider international transportation costs and travel times. You need a cost-effective way to screen a product to make sure it’s not NTF/NFF — before you fly it across the ocean for repair.

A warranty manager has to be a chameleon who adapts to changing circumstances and speaks the language of both internal and external customers. Flash Global’s staff and logistics management tools can help you be a rock star. We handle the details so you can focus on planning, analysis, and collaboration.

How Flash Can Help With Repair Support & Management

Flash Global is more than just a repair vendor or depot. We know what it takes to manage spares that are in or out of warranty.

We can help you reduce total cost of ownership and offer better customer service with shorter transit/lead times. Our processes help ensure that operations, engineering, and quality are all connected and working together. Our engineers study the data along with you and look for patterns and trends that help drive continuous product and service improvements.

For example, we once had a customer who was experiencing a high failure rate on a part. It was a significant problem, but it wasn’t a hardware flaw — it was an issue with the packaging. We went from 12% OBF down to less than 2% through teamwork and a packing change.

Flash Global can streamline your warranty repair operations and control TCO by helping you:

  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster shipping and receiving of parts in the after-sales supply chain.
  • Easily scale warranty service operations and resources without huge capital outlays for facilities and personnel.
  • Use predictive planning data analysis to minimize the likelihood of parts shortages.
  • Mitigate risk of trade compliance violations and delays with us taking over as IOR/EOR.
  • Minimize repair component inventory with our component management services.
  • Recover costs and avoid the gray market by selling parts only to R2 certified recyclers.
  • Receive critical business intelligence that helps you improve quality and manage global expansion.

We free you from the daily grind and frustration of troubleshooting problems that are thousands of miles away. While Flash Global’s expert staff handles the details, you’re able to work on strategic goals and execute plans that keep your company focused on future products and trends.

Our Experience

Flash Global has operations in over 130 countries, providing global solutions that are locally fueled. We’ve been doing every part of end-to-end logistics for 35 years, and have specialized in service supply chain solutions for the past 15 years. Our unique logistics and supply chain solutions help companies of all sizes compete and excel in the global marketplace. Your mission is our mission. Let’s talk today.

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