Taking a Bird’s Eye View of Brexit with Flash Global’s CEO

Article Summary

While there is still the need for agility and for best practices to be fine-tuned when it comes to Brexit, volatility is easing and businesses need to be careful not to use the hysteria of the word itself to detract from proactive change. From a supply and trade standpoint, there needs to be a recognition that disruptive change is nothing new. When filtering through anxiety, solutions that would lead to the ultimate supply chain best practices can actually be found on a more stable Brexit platform in 2021.

“It is all still quite new, and there are nuances and question marks to remain agile. The general landscape is quite settled now – we know what we’re dealing with from a general regulation, residency and tax standpoint. It’s now a case of establishing respective best practices within those guidelines for each company and their own supply chains.” This is the view of Sam Mikles, president and CEO at Flash Global, a US-based organization that operates in the service supply chain space.

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