As Flash Global gears up to go to VM World 2015 at the end of August, we wanted to have our third Twitter Chat focus on the information technology industry. As a service supply chain solutions provider, Flash Global understands the nuances of creating solutions for the high technology space. We are excited to announce the 3rd #FlashGlobalChat on Thursday, August 20th at 3 PM EST! Those who want to participate can do so by visiting our page on “Crowd Chat,” a platform made specifically for Twitter Chats at

This month’s twitter chat will focus on the Benefits realized for information technology companies who have a more efficient service supply chain. The Information Technology or IT service supply chain stands on the cusp of a new era of speed, agility, and functionality. Across the globe, companies are moving towards a higher degree of integration and visibility for maintaining compliance with any applicable rules and regulations. Additionally, startups and tech giants need to improve their baseline operations to reach the next level of growth, especially considering the projected jump in the freight industry in the coming years.

#FlashGlobal Chat #3: Benefits Realized From an Efficient Information Technology Service Supply Chain

Participants will engage in conversations around such benefits of an efficient IT service supply chain to include:

  • Improved Customer Support & Satisfaction
  • Tighter Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Procedures
  • Reducing On-Site Storage Requirements
  • Improved Physical Security and Performance
  • Ability to have a responsive supply chain by planning for the unforeseen
  • Simplified product changes and hardware upgrades
  • Better Supply Chain Visibility

How the #FlashGlobalChat on Twitter Works

Flash Global, thru Twitter and the Crowd Chat Application (which you can access by visiting, will ask questions for participants to answer or observe for one hour during the Twitter Chat. Participants may also pose their own questions and engage with other participants on related topics. Participants simply respond to the questions by going to Crowd Chat via this link, login via Twitter, authorize the application, and comment on the thread in the reply area with their answer or thoughts. Once the participant hits “Enter” it will reply on the thread AND push out their answer to Twitter auto-tagging the tweet with the #FlashGlobalChat. A screenshot is below of what the thread looks like:


Further, participants can vote up discussions that are especially intriguing as well as vote on comments within the discussion thread. At the end of the chat, for fun, the user with the most votes, is the Champion of the Chat! < — We know, an excellent prize to win!

We discovered the “Crowd Chat” application when we attended the #VMWorldChat as we gear up to visit VM World 2015 with some great surprises you are sure you don’t want to miss!

You may also participate outside of “Crowd Chat” by simply tuning into the twitter widget below. It will follow all of those who use #FlashGlobalChat and allowing you to reply, retweet, or favorite. You may also tweet anything related to the chat by using #FlashGlobalChat

We Will “Tweet” You There!

Join Flash Global this Thursday, August 20th, at 3 PM EST by visiting the “Crowd Chat” application here.