Transitioning to the Flash Family

Our phased approach involves a total team effort.

Using fine-tuned best practices, we will guide you every step of the way

Decades of experience helping high-tech OEMs migrate from their current supply chain partner or solution and join the Flash Family

Planning, processes, and communication protocols down to a science

Joining Flash:
A White-Glove Experience

Your Transition Strategy with Flash is built on the promise we’ll be with you every step of the way. You will be actively involved in all decisions, and we will listen to your concerns. From the moment we begin your transition journey, we want you to experience the white-glove treatment Flash is known for. An Implementation Manager is your single point of contact to communicate with at any given time.

Extensive expertise and talent across several cross-functional departments are brought together by the Implementation Manager, to orchestrate a successful transition. These include team members from: Inventory Control, the Customer Response Center, Global Trade Operations and Compliance, and Information Technology.

Any successful transition needs to start with a clearly defined scope, timeline, and action plan. Cross-functional experts from Flash, working hand in hand with you, will ensure all details are covered. From warehouse setup to inventory movement to B2B integrations, and training Flash personnel on your specific program and products, we leave no aspect unplanned.


This is where the science comes in. Decades of experience has proven that communication among all stakeholders is crucial from beginning to end — plan the plan, work the plan.

Transition Methodology

We understand changing supply chain partners is a business-impacting decision not to be taken lightly. But so is staying with a sub-par logistics provider that frustrates you on a regular basis. Let us show you why so many high-tech companies are “making their next move” one that involves Flash Global.