Top Gun Technology Case Study

Satisfying Top Gun’s Need for Expansion at Speed

Top Gun Technology Case Study

Satisfying Top Gun Technology’s Need for Expansion at Speed


The United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, popularly referred to as Top Gun, is known for producing the world’s finest fighter pilots. They set the highest standards and are go-to fliers when the stakes are high. In the tech world, technicians possessing the highest attainable expertise are similarly known as “top guns.” They’re the elite force that technology superpowers send in to get critical servers or networks back online quickly.

In 2007, a select group of IBM expats decided to push this concept to new heights when they formed Top Gun to provide the highest caliber of infrastructure and maintenance support for mission-critical operations everywhere.

Top Gun

The Challenges

Facing down tough odds in winning jobs & doing the job.

The Top Gun team set sky-high standards and performance expectations for themselves: 4-hour delivery of critical spare parts and services around the world. Getting spares and technicians to a site and fixing problems in a matter of hours.

Making this happen is what Top Gun customers demand in today’s uber-competitive marketplace. As their growth continued, they knew they needed to enhance their global coverage for mission-critical spare parts in order to meet customer demand and manage cost.

“By partnering with Flash Global, the industry leader in global supply chain lifecycle solutions, Top Gun is expanding our trusted, proven and reliable third-party Mission Critical Support Services throughout the world.”

CEO | Top Gun Technology

The Solutions

Finding a wingman with an established network of technicians and locations.


Top Gun knew they needed a trusted partner who could help them scale their services without compromising their elite standards.



Flash provides a network of 750+ forward stocking locations in 140 countries,
along with expert trade compliance management.



Top Gun can now provide a storage or networking part and service it by a technician anywhere in the world within 2-4 hours or the next day.

“They’re growing faster than before because they can sell into these new regions knowing we have their back. The proof is in the FSLs they’ve quickly set up and got up to speed serving clients and in the contracts they’ve won….”
Brian Dunleavy

Director of Business Development | Flash Global

The Results

Doing the impossible was all a matter of partnership.

In less than a year, Flash Global has opened several more FSLs in the United States for Top Gun. Each location was quickly stocked with the spare parts needed to support their customers’ hardware — easily accessible replacement parts that were ready to be deployed in a matter of hours. Going with Flash gave Top Gun the capability to fulfill on the world’s toughest service level agreements in some of the highest stakes situations. It’s also given them the confidence to expand globally without hesitation because they know they can leverage Flash’s infrastructure and expertise everywhere.

Top Gun

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