The Supply Chain Crisis & How to Optimize Your Post-Sales Logistics in 2022

Post-Sales Logistics – Avoiding The Crisis

Many businesses have experienced supply chain issues since the start of COVID-19, and if you’re a high-tech OEM, these disruptions may have introduced challenges in your post-sales logistics on meeting your SLAs for spare parts delivery.

Over a year and a half ago, a massive disruption with supply chains became evident as governments and corporations started to respond to the pandemic. Federal and local governments were introducing regulations and lockdown restrictions on a near daily basis wreaking havoc on deliveries for mission-critical technology. At the same time, demand increased for technology to support ‘work-from-home’ mandates and security technology needs evolved to support remote workers. In addition, cloud-based data storage utilization skyrocketed as consumer movement was restricted. Add in transportation bottlenecks in the form of port backlogs, such as the famous line of cargo ships off the California coast and crisis state was reached.

Supply Chain

Moving goods across borders was also extremely difficult. As importers tried to push more and more goods through the bottleneck, it became seemingly worse. Factory closures, labor force issues, port congestion, and equipment shortages all contributed to what is now deemed the “everything shortage” or the “supply chain crisis”.

Supply Chain Crisis

What can high-tech OEM’s do?

Flash’s global footprint allows you to leverage a team of in-region experts who can help improve your business’ agility to respond to post-sales and service contract growth. As your high-tech company expands, we’re by your side with the adaptability to mitigate the effects of disruption, the technology to provide visibility into your supply chain, and the local expertise to stay up to date on changing federal and local import and export rules and regulations. A Flash Global partnership will help you navigate today’s crisis and usher your business to new heights.

What comes next?

Many executives’ debate when the supply chain crisis will end; but one thing they agree on is that they do not think it will be any time soon. Estimates range from mid-2022 to early 2023. Although this aftermath of COVID-19 may not have a clear outline for the future, there is a silver lining for high-tech companies and their post-sales logistics. Considering a supply chain partner like Flash Global can ultimately reduce your risk of disruption with 700+ global locations, 2HR-or-4HR deliveries, and nearly four decades of experience.

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