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Modern society is entangled with digital communication and devices in every aspect of our lives, with the latest technologies entering the market at an unprecedented pace. This constant communication and connectivity create an ongoing need for data center growth, complex data storage needs, and the ability to ensure businesses stay online. This means that supporting hardware is mission-critical and there is market pressure for it to be more intelligent, more robust and redundant.

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When this hardware breaks or experiences a failure, dispatching replacement hardware and/or parts along with a technician as quickly and efficiently as possible is priority one. This is where companies that create, sell and service hardware rely on companies like Flash Global, which offer elevated post-sales solutions.

Highlighting Sector Growth for Data Storage OEM Readiness

5G Integration Is Increasing Data Center Expansion

4G has covered worldwide communications for years; yet it still is not powerful enough to cover all the data modern society creates, and the speed is too slow for other developments in the telecommunications and automation fields. Therefore, the 5G rollout is advancing rapidly and the shift from 4G to 5G is now happening at an accelerated pace.

5G technology is designed to support a wide range of new and emerging applications, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous (or self-driving) vehicles, and virtual reality. 5G networks will generate a tremendous amount of data that must be processed, stored, and distributed, all through data centers. The demand for computing capacity and infrastructure such as data storage, connectivity and edge computing has skyrocketed. Given the critical infrastructure components of these 5G networks and data centers, organizations must have a strategy to ensure that replacement hardware or parts are easily and quickly available in the event of potential outages, maintenance events or repairs. Flash Global actively supports businesses globally that need real-time service supply chain solutions for critical hardware within their data centers. While downtime is not an option, it does occur, and having a trusted service logistics and solutions partner in post-sales support is vital.

Robotics & Automation Data Storage Needs

Robotics and automation are growing at an exponential rate based on the latest technologies, increased efficiencies, and labor shortages. Throughout the last few years, many industries have seen robotics being introduced, and none more critical than the medical industry. A prime example of this is the use of robotic arms that are being utilized for surgeries around the world, allowing surgeons to operate remotely. The connection between the surgeon and the robotic arm must stay in constant communication, with data centers, data storage devices, and telecommunications equipment at the center of it all.

Introducing this type of equipment comes at an extremely large expense, and if the supporting networking equipment is not operating at full capacity, surgeries cannot be performed, data loss is a risk and losses can be catastrophic. All businesses are realizing the need to have both service parts and technicians available quickly for equipment failure. Flash offers OEMs the ability to have both ready to go when the time comes, by offering localized warehousing and deliveries within two hours, for some of the largest companies supporting the robotic and automation space.

Data Storage for Robotics

Edge Computing is Creating New Data Center Growth

Businesses are starting to rethink computing due to the massive amount of data they create. The traditional method in which companies handle information in centralized data centers does not fit into today’s paradigm because of bandwidth limitations and potential issues. The main difference between edge and cloud computing is that unlike cloud, edge places data centers near the location where data is collected and is decentralized.

The growth in edge computing is really driven by the demand for low-latency processing, real-time automated decision-making solutions, and the proliferation of online video streaming driven by vertical markets such as medical, autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things (IoT). Significant investments in hardware and capital equipment such as edge gateways and hyper-converged infrastructure are being made to support this demand which translates into a need for for planning, backup, repair, and service parts solutions. The ability to continuously stay online is the challenge and having a dedicated partner like Flash Global handling the warehousing, delivery, technician services, and returns management can reduce downtime and revenue losses while increasing customer satisfaction.

IoT, E-Learning, and Crypto Adding Additional Growth Needs

Everywhere we turn data is being sent, received, and collected from IoT devices. Growth in cryptocurrencies and e-learning are all notable examples of data storage and data center growth. For example, in 2021, there were 11.28 billion connected devices worldwide; by 2030, the device count is forecasted to reach 29.42 billion.

Our biggest takeaway for OEMs as they are placing their devices around the world is the post-sales experience for their customers. They must have the ability to maintain the service contracts they offer, as their brand reputation relies on it. Flash Global’s ability to support service level agreements around the world is unmatched, pleasing not only the OEM but their customers as well, keeping each brand Flash Global services, protected.


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