Supply Chain Modeling

Creating predictability, consistency and visibility within seamless service supply chains is our key objective for every customer.

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A Global Team and Powerful Technology

Accomplishing your business objectives takes a tremendous global team and powerful technology. Getting it all correct takes research, planning and strategic guidance — all of which starts with supply chain network modeling.

Simply provide us with your customer locations and service level agreements (SLAs) and we will use our geographical network modeling process to identify exactly which facilities and locations are best suited to meet your SLAs while controlling cost. Our customers benefit from full optimization during implementation, which seeks to maximize coverage using a minimal number of facilities.


Flash Global Offers a Variety of Supply Chain or Network Mapping Services:

COVERAGE – Using a list of our customers’ end users and committed service levels, we can determine which sites are within service, at risk, or require alternative solutions.

NETWORK OPTIMIZATION – Flash builds tailored, cost-effective, same-day service networks based on our customers’ commitments to their end users. Our optimization process uses real-world driving conditions to allow our customers to get the most out of our network using as few locations as possible to consistently deliver on-time.

GEOSPATIAL ANALYSIS – Flash leverages geospatial technology to gain unique insights into our customers’ operations. By viewing data within maps, we can answer questions and identify challenges and solutions alike in more meaningful ways than a spreadsheet can offer.

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