5 Critical Things to Consider When Choosing a Service Supply Chain Management Partner

If the warehouse is the heart of business operations, the supply chain is the circulatory system that keeps it running. Making the right choice when selecting a supply chain management partner means so much more than short term gain: it’s a reduction in worries for months and years in the future, and it’s no exaggeration to say it’s a direct investment in the success of your business. Here are five considerations you should always keep in mind during the bidding/interview process of service provider selections:

  • Location/Reach of the Provider

Even if your company is solely domestic or international at the moment, it’s not unreasonable to assume that any business can eventually hybridize territory. Just as no one likes to go through the process of moving into a house they’ll outgrow in a matter of months, don’t expend effort into a service provider that can’t or won’t
grow with you.

  • Variety of Services Offered

With the speed of modern business, piecemealing your supply chain solutions will, more often than not, end up as a frustrating time sink that gets worse with every passing fiscal quarter. Every additional touchpoint in your supply chain means another account, another invoice, and another moving link in the supply chain to add complications. When your provider is able to cover several important bases at once, that means less downtime waiting for emails to get answered and individuals to collaborate.

  • History with Clients of Your Size

Don’t let the nostalgia of the first company that gave your brand a chance lead you to a short-sighted decision in your own supply chain. If your potential supply chain management partner can’t demonstrate past proficiency at your volume, it’s time to gracefully exit the negotiation table. A supply chain services provider should be an ally in the growth of your business, and that’s hard to do when you’re both treading uncharted territory. Opt for a proven logistics provider with a strong history of large clients, such as Flash Global, for your needs.

  • Willingness to Discuss Custom Solutions

Each company is unique, even if they offer similar products or use similar pricing and distribution strategies. Custom solutions in the supply chain are rapidly becoming one of the most important points of differentiation in a crowded marketplace, so make sure all of your providers are on board. From tricky shipment scenarios to as-needed solutions in reverse logistics, your service provider should be up to the task of molding their offerings to your requirements.

  • Ease of Integration and/or Reporting

In an age of must-have transparency, this is a vital selling point for any potential supply chain partnership. You should have near-instant access to any conceivable metric generated between your business and a provider; without that transparency, any attempts at improvement will involve at least partial guessing. In short, a smart, growing business doesn’t introduce more guesswork into the supply chain if it doesn’t absolutely have to.

If your current supply chain service providers aren’t hitting these marks, it’s time to look for a company that does have your interests in mind. Contact Flash Global and start maximizing your supply chain potential today.


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