When selecting the best third-party logistics service provider (3PL) for your company, one element of that process should be a review of the 3PLs success stories or case studies. What types of challenges did they overcome? Do they have success with a variety of industries and companies of varying sizes? Flash Global has been an innovative leader in logistics services for over 30 years, and the company can point to numerous achievements in finding solutions for their partners. Below is a brief overview of several case studies.

Juniper Networks



Juniper Networks is a leader in high-performance networking, and their routing, switching and security technology makes up the world’s largest global networks including the top 100 global service providers and 30,000 organizations.

In 2007, Juniper needed a quick and comprehensive turnkey operation start-up to accommodate new customers in doing business in Mexico, and the company required the set-up in under 30 days.


Juniper Networks had the immediate challenge in 2007 to open 45 facilities in less than 30 days south of the border in Mexico. Moreover, the company needed to grow its Mexico presence quickly to support its existing and increasing base of clients in Mexico.

Juniper Networks reached out to Flash Global for its worldwide presence, its knowledge of Mexico geography, its internal IT operations capabilities and skills, XML knowledge and its high levels of customer support and service.


On March 30, 2007, Juniper Networks successfully opened 45 new 4-hour support facilities in Mexico. Their Global Services Operations team partnered with Flash Global to operate the expanded infrastructure. Juniper chose Flash for its expertise in supply chain management, call center operations, customer delivery and systems integration on global scale. The addition of these 45 centers gave Juniper Networks the capability to provide every level of support to nearly 70 percent of the major population areas in Mexico.

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talyst logo


Talyst is a leader in pharmacy automation with the goal of creating a safer pharmacy. Talyst was founded in 2002 to create user-friendly, automated medication management systems that enabled the integration of medication storage, ordering, inventory, bar coding, and clinical systems. By 2010, Talyst had installed its systems in approximately 500 acute care hospitals and other healthcare providers. With its expansion to systems that handle the needs of correctional facilities and long-term care facilities, Talyst had grown to over 600 installations by 2012.


For over 10 years, Talyst had individual internal practices with functions including marketing, sales, operations, logistics and others. As the company grew, the logistics functions became increasingly difficult even as they became more important to clients. The company reached a decision to partner with a uniquely qualified logistics service provider that could take on the responsibility of managing the mission-critical logistics functions to support clients.


Early in 2009, Talyst recognized that 70 percent of its business came from the East Coast, yet the internal shipment facility was located in Washington State. This caused significant need for additional service parts and consumables shipments. Since consumables represented a major source of recurring revenue, it determined that an East Coast shipment facility would produce quicker turnaround times on customer orders, quicker processing and shipping of critical spare parts, and more flexible shipping deadlines.

After deciding to move its shipping facilities to Illinois, Talyst partnered with Flash Global to assist it with:

  • Support of the initial installation
  • Management of mission-critical parts
  • Delivery of consumables to Talyst clients

The move was made on a phased basis with the Flash systems providing seamless logistical support as equipment and inventory was moved half way across the country at different times. Clients experienced no disruptions in deliveries of medications, and Talyst management called the transition to Flash “huge, seamless and transparent.”

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Nutanix is a leading provider of next-generation data center infrastructure solutions. The company leverages their proprietary software, the Virtual Computing Platform, to drive unprecedented simplicity in the data center. Established in 2009, Nutanix has recognized rapid growth and expansion over the last several years.


In the spring of 2013, Nutanix was leveraging a post-sales support partner for logistics operations in both the US and abroad. As demand for their logistics infrastructure solutions increased globally, the company sought a new partner whose core competency was global service parts logistics. This company would be tasked with quickly scaling Nutanix’s worldwide logistics o erings, better preparing them for growth in a multitude of countries. Critical to this was enhancing their service level offerings to include both “next business day” and “same-day and 2-4 hour” deliveries of mission critical parts.

With rapid growth demanding attention from their internal resources, Nutanix recognized the advantages of seeking a third party logistics (3PL) partner in order to meet customer service level agreements (SLAs). This would save them much needed time, money and staging.

The ideal resource would require proven expertise to effectively and efficiently develop and manage the Nutanix supply chain operations on a worldwide basis.


In June of 2013, Nutanix selected Flash Global Logistics (Flash), a highly respected, leading provider of mission-critical supply chain logistics.Flash’s skilled team, comprehensive network and deep experience in international trade compliance, including Importer and Exporter of Record (IOR/EOR) capabilities, were essential to Nutanix who required a 3PL partner that could deliver on all of the following services:

Flash’s skilled team, comprehensive network and deep experience in international trade compliance, including Importer and Exporter of Record (IOR/EOR) capabilities, were essential to Nutanix who required a 3PL partner that could deliver on all of the following services:

  • Establish and manage IOR/EOR
  • Create a process for performance tracking of IOR/EOR partner(s)
  • Provide a global footprint of FSLs, with in-country and in-region expertise
  • Full same-day and 2-4 hour delivery of mission-critical parts
  • Pay associated tax & duties
  • Manage and monitor international depot-to-depot replenishment shipments
  • Provide customs requirements for clients’ spare parts list prior to shipping

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