Flash Global Summer Music Series

First in a 10-blog series tying music to the Service Supply Chain

What’s your go-to song? That get-your-blood-pumpin’, pulse-racin’, happy-dance-inducin’ tune that sets the right frame of mind so you can roll like a rock star in tackling whatever task. Location and occupation don’t matter. Music is a universal language that transcends industries and cultures to create unbreakable emotional connections between people and events. That certainly holds true in the world of service logistics and post-sales supply chain.

At Flash Global, we work relentlessly to deliver global solutions that are locally fueled — the kind of solutions high-tech OEMs in a wide array of industry verticals rely on to keep you and the rest of the world connected. We also play equally hard, which is what this 10-part Summer Music blog series is all about. We’ll associate music, from several genres and artists, to key areas aspects of service supply chain — including service logistics. Often it’s the song title or its lyrics, and sometimes it’s both. Occasionally we’ll tweak a word here or there, but you’ll soon see the connection.

Money for Nothing (Dire Straits)

We’ll start this party the same way I began each night I was a DJ in college — with Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing.

This song came out at the height of the MTV music video craze. It was lead singer Mark Knopfler’s way of complaining about other musicians that rose to fame in the 1980s. However, with a tweak of the refrain lyrics, the message easily describes what Flash does best — post-sales service logistics and other value-add supply chain services:

     We got to install servers and circuits

     Custom configuration & 2-4 HR deliveries

     We got load them boxes and pallets

     We got to get them spare parts overseas

That’s the way we do it — and we’ve been helping high-tech OEMs keep their customers and the world connected for more than three decades. If you need help with global service parts logistics, contact one of our experts today.

This blog series brings together two of my greatest passions: music and writing about service supply chain. Unlike when I was in college, however, you won’t have to wait in lines that extended out the door and down the block to hear “my” music selections. Nor will you stick to the floor or have to make your way through smoke so thick you need a machete. You can thank me later for the earworm when you can’t stop humming the tune as you go about your business.


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