Spare Parts Delivery Service in a Post-Covid World — A New Reality

What does spare parts delivery service look like as we move toward a post-Covid world?

Chances are, employees are still not monitoring the doors of a business, nor are they sitting in nearby cubicles, ready to greet drivers and accept deliveries of mission-critical spare parts. It has been this way since Covid-19 was declared to be a pandemic in March 2020. At that time, 88% of the organizations around the world, surveyed by Gartner Inc., either made it mandatory or highly encouraged employees to work from home.


Nowadays, with unmanned sites and buildings, companies will often assign a technician or employee to arrive on site at a specific time, and only long enough, to simply accept spare parts deliveries. This means that high-tech OEMs need a supply chain partner who has a wide variety of flexible service delivery options to accommodate end customer needs. The need for speed drives the demand for premium same-day deliveries to meet 2-hour or 4-hour service level agreements.

Spare Parts Delivery Service Options

The need for speed and flexibility is where Flash Global comes in. You have variable service contracts and SLAs, and so Flash offers a wide range of spare parts delivery service options to meet your needs.
Here is just a sample:

  • 2-Hour Delivery – Flash will ensure your delivery is made within 120 minutes from the time your order is acknowledged by our warehouse, within a 40-mile radius.
  • 4-Hour Delivery – Flash will ensure your delivery is made within 240 minutes from the time your order is acknowledged by our warehouse, within a 150-mile radius.


  • Scheduled Drive Delivery – Flash will ensure that your delivery is made at a specific time, provided that time is greater than six hours after the order acknowledgement date/time.
  • Next Flight Out (NFO) Delivery – Flash will pull the requested material in the warehouse, deliver it to the airport, make arrangements for space on the best available flight, have someone ready to meet the part(s) at the destination airport and perform the delivery to the end user.
  • Overnight/2 Day/3 Day/Ground Delivery – Flash will arrange shipment via Flash’s overnight carriers, freight forwarders and brokers, selecting the optimal carrier based on the delivery requirements. Carriers by region are subject to change based on requirements and service.

Trust Flash Global’s Spare Parts Delivery Services

Not only does Flash offer premium spare parts delivery services, but we also consistently achieve metrics that exceed established SLAs. We also provide our customers with end-to-end visibility from order creation to delivery confirmation through FlashTrac, our purpose-built software specifically for service supply chain.

If your current supply chain partner is not meeting your spare parts delivery needs, your next move needs to be a consultation with a Flash Global expert.


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