Service Supply Chain Simplified Via Joint Venture

Flash Global and Global Convergence Inc. have created a new joint venture, Flash Global Convergence. Designed to deliver an enhanced suite of global services and supply chain management programs, FGC provides companies with the ability to deliver scalable, global supply chain solutions that meet the needs of their end-user customers. It’s service supply chain simplified: a single point of contact and single contract, with customized solutions from one all-encompassing end-to-end suite.

FGC has an extensive supply chain infrastructure, as well as thousands of Authorized Service Providers and field technicians to handle complex product solutions. FGC can deliveFlash Global Convergence: Service Supply Chain Simplifiedr programs that service and support a variety of warranty and non-warranty Service Level Agreements on behalf of OEMs and partners in all major markets. That’s service supply chain simplified.

“The opportunity to lead this joint venture is certainly exciting for me, while at the same time, represents creative and impactful vision for our customers and prospects,” says Joe Serra, the new managing director for FGC. “Flash Global and Global Convergence are leading a new chapter in reimagining and redefining global service supply chain solutions, which is a very audacious project and one that will deliver a new value set for OEMs, partners and their customers.”

“This integrated offering provides a unique ‘single point’ of accountability for service delivery from our largest global OEMs and partners to emerging technology innovators. We now have the ability to manage and support the complete service supply chain lifecycle. This provides our customers instant scalability, complete visibility and revenue acceleration as more products are brought to market. It’s the next step in our evolution in transforming the service supply chain industry to meet the growing demands of our customers as we continue to innovate. I am thrilled to be working alongside GCI,” says Sam Mikles, President and CEO of Flash Global.

Benefits of Service Supply Chain Simplified

In addition to SLA-driven services, this new joint venture will provide:

  • Configure-to-Order services via technical staging centers operating in North America, EMEA, CALA, and APAC.
  • A robust global Project Management Office.
  • Access to professional services for quicker value realization.
  • Multi-product integrated solutions.
  • Repair and reverse logistics.
  • Global sales channel for product distribution.

“Our joint venture partnership with Flash is clearly a market-leading initiative. OEMs, partners and end customers will enjoy the same velocity of technology integration regardless of the theater of operation. We will also enable the adoption of technology by end customers, whether that technology is from the most mature IT makers or new emerging growth companies, through the delivery of critical lifecycle support services. Our aim is to deliver uniform services, technology adoption at velocity and maximum value realization without borders or boundaries,” says Jim Bradshaw, CEO and Chairman of Global Convergence.

Read the full press release here.


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