Service Logistics in Telecom

Discover the ultimate post-sales support to keep the world connected.

Post Sales Logistics Telecom

Service Logistics
in Telecommunications

Discover the ultimate post-sales support to keep the world connected.

Post Sales Logistics Telecom Flash
Your telecommunications equipment touches virtually every aspect of modern life, from basic phones to cutting-edge connected cars, but being able to deliver support services and replacement parts within a matter of hours anywhere in the world is an epic challenge.

The Right Solutions
and People in Place

We support telecom OEMs who have combined annual revenues totaling over $1.2 billion, including companies that provide switches, gateways, routers, transmission media, repeaters, hubs, and more.

When you partner with Flash Global, we handle the service and support needed to meet your SLAs so you can focus on creating innovative products. We’ll help you keep your global customer base happy with superior service that keeps communication flowing.

Post Sales Logistics Telecom Global
Post Sales Logistics Telecom Flash Global

The Challenges of Global Product Support

Telecommunications companies play a critical role in technology innovation, with products that revolutionize how people communicate with each other and with IoT devices. Yet, as people and things become more connected, there is less room for error. Even brief service disruptions can affect business and hurt your brand reputation.

Discover Best In-Class Solutions

Struggling to handle after-sales service needs in the growing secondary market for smartphones? Unsure about the best way to reclaim and recycle used parts and products? Concerned about the ever-evolving international trade agreements and tariffs? Flash can help.

Providing rapid response times is always critical, but it is especially arduous when your installed base is located across the globe. The challenge is for OEMs to coordinate across field service technicians, call centers and spare parts inventory in multiple countries, all while delivering rapid response times and accurate technical services — exactly what is needed to rectify the issue with your customers to keep their communications operational.

Telecommunications with Flash

Post Sales Logistics Telecom

You make the sale and Flash takes over to support your products around the world. We provide diagnostic services, service your equipment, and deliver replacement parts around the globe in timelines that meet your warranty and service level agreement obligations. Our goals are your goals — minimize product downtime, optimize spare parts warehousing to deliver within SLAs, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Flash Global has developed technology, processes and robust reporting capabilities specifically designed to provide inventory visibility and accuracy throughout your after-sales supply chain. We do this by consistently shipping parts on time.

How Our Technology Supports You

We built our world-class tool, FlashTrac, to respond to the many challenges of the service supply chain. Here are a few supply chain management tasks FlashTrac can do for you:

  • Provide end-to-end visibility into your global parts inventory.
  • Place orders based on availability by location.
  • Handle the logistics of delivering a part within a 2-or-4 hours.
  • Facilitate the completion and storage of trade compliance documentation.

Our White Glove Solutions

Flash Global has specialized in high-tech spare parts distribution and logistics for decades. Beyond our years of experience, our white glove services and solutions speak for themselves. This is reflected through our high KPI scores, historical service life of clients, technology insights and the in-depth communication we provide to all our clients.

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