Service Logistics in Retail Technology

Are you ready to meet your customers’ uptime needs?

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Service Logistics in Retail Technology

Are you ready to meet your customers’ uptime needs?

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Flash Global supports retail technology OEMs who collectively have annual revenues of $112 billion — companies that provide point-of-sale systems, cash management and automation systems, and self-checkout equipment.

The Right Solutions and People in Place

You manufacture state-of-the-art retail technology hardware but delivering service and replacement parts anywhere in the world in a matter of hours can be an epic challenge, especially during peak retail seasons. By partnering with Flash Global to handle your service supply chain needs, you can focus on sales and innovation, while Flash keeps your international customer base happy with rapid spare parts delivery (among other value-added services) that help keep their businesses selling and collecting cash.

The Challenges of Global Product Support

The challenges for OEMs to manage millions of point-of-sale systems are many. They include coordinating across call centers, field service technicians, and spare parts inventory in multiple countries, all while delivering rapid response times and accurate technical services — a complex mix of exactly what retailers need so they can keep collecting cash.

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Discover Best In-Class Solutions

Retail technology hardware, whether a cash automation system or self-checkout equipment, plays an essential role in keeping companies in the consumer goods sector open for business, ready to make the sale and able to address the demands of cash machine users.

Downtime is costly. Not only is your brand reputation at stake but downtime can also have a significant impact on revenue. Flash Global delivers replacement parts to the field in timelines that meet your warranty and service level agreement obligations — a cornerstone of building trust with your customers.

Need support with rapid delivery to your installed base in global markets? Not sure what post-sales solutions are available under one roof? Confused by country-specific rules and regulations for trade compliance? Flash can help.

You make the sale and Flash Global takes over from there to support your products around the world. Our goals are your goals — minimize product downtime, optimize spare parts warehousing to deliver within SLAs, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Best of all, we have experience in designing solutions specifically built for retail and cash automation equipment companies like yours.

How Our Technology Supports You

We built our world-class tool, FlashTrac, to respond to the many challenges of the service supply chain. Here are a few supply chain management tasks FlashTrac can do for you:

  • Provide end-to-end visibility into your global parts inventory.
  • Place orders based on availability by location.
  • Handle the logistics of delivering a part within a 2-or-4 hours.
  • Facilitate the completion and storage of trade compliance documentation.
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Our Services

Our service supply chain capabilities help our customers achieve an average of 98%+ KPIs in shipping and receiving accuracy, on-time performance metrics, inventory accuracy, and dock-to-stock on-time performance.

In short, we help you keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more with our suite of services.

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