Service Logistics in Energy, Oil and Gas

Let us service your high-tech hardware that powers the world.


Service Logistics in Energy, Oil and Gas

Let us service your high-tech hardware that powers the world.

The energy industry of today relies on high-tech OEM parts to function. Companies in the energy industry have made a ton of transformational investments in decarbonization, digitalization, and decentralization.

Energy, Oil & Gas
Post-Sales Fulfillment

Companies are enhancing their technology to improve resiliency against natural disasters, fend off data attacks, and increase the overall share of clean generation. The criticality of minimizing downtime and fulfilling service contract SLAs in a post-sales world has never been higher for high-tech OEMs in this sector. It requires adaptation to a rapidly evolving technical landscape that wasn’t a concern when the industry was dominated by traditional oil and gas companies.

Smart energy homes and businesses make use of a multitude of solar products such as solar inverters and converters which need replacing and servicing.


The Challenges of
Global Product Support

New entrants to the industry such as Wind Turbines, Solar, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations and other components of emerging energy technologies need critical and high-tech part replacement and servicing as well.

Visibility & Accuracy Are Key

Service parts logistics providers that fulfill service contract SLAs on behalf of modern energy companies must excel in the delivery and servicing of high-tech OEM parts for the growing solar and electric segments of the energy industry; as well as being capable of providing the same level of exceptional service to new industry segments that will emerge as the industry continues to evolve.

Offering reliable two-hour (2HR), four-hour (4HR), next business day (NBD), and next flight out (NFO) deliveries of high-tech service parts [for modern energy companies] nearly anywhere in the world, as well as a providing a consistent high level of service wherever an SLA for a high-tech OEM part must be fulfilledModern energy companies throughout the world trust Flash Global for their high-tech SLA fulfillments. 

How Our Technology Can Support You

We design best-in-class solutions around your installed base and SLAs. In fact, we built our world-class tool, FlashTrac, to respond to the many challenges of the service supply chain:

+ Provide end-to-end visibility into your global parts inventory.

+ Reduce inventory costs.

+ Empower you to place orders based on availability by location.

+ Handle the logistics of delivering a part within a 2-or-4 hours.

+ Facilitate trade compliance documentation.

Our White Glove Solutions

Flash Global has specialized in high-tech spare parts distribution and logistics for decades. Beyond our years of experience, our white glove services and solutions speak for themselves. This is reflected through our high KPI scores, historical service life of clients, technology insights and the in-depth communication we provide to all our clients.

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