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You make great products that power the world. Let us service your hardware and support your customers around the globe to minimize downtime and keep their energy systems in production.

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Energy, Oil & Gas Parts Supply Chain

You make leading-edge parts for the energy industry but delivering service and replacement parts within a matter of hours anywhere in the world is a daunting challenge. By partnering with Flash Global to handle your maintenance contracts, you can focus on design and innovation while Flash keeps your global customer base happy with rapid spare parts delivery that help keep everything from solar panels to jack pumps operating as designed.

The Challenges of Global Product Support

Flash Global supports many energy OEMs, including those in the solar, oil and gas industries. Collectively, our customers have combined annual revenues totaling more than $36 billion, and this group includes companies that provide inverters, microinverters, power optimizers, solar panels, fuses and battery storage. We help these companies with logistics, screen and test technical services, warehousing, and international trade compliance functions which are components of the service supply chain.

Parts malfunctions can bring a solar array, wind farm or drilling rig to a halt quicker than just about anything else, and that downtime eats into profitability and employment. This is why energy companies rely so heavily on global supply chain optimization to ensure availability of spare parts and service technicians.

The challenge facing OEMs is to coordinate across call centers, field service technicians and spare parts inventory in multiple countries while delivering rapid response times and accurate technical services — exactly what’s needed to keep those solar panels, windmills and derricks working. Best of all, your SLAs with customers are our key performance indicators, so they drive every action we take.

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Visibility & Accuracy is Key

We understand that downtime is costly, whether it’s caused by a blown-out fuse or a faulty inverter. Not only is your company reputation on the line but these issues also often create significant losses because energy can’t be produced if systems are not operational. Flash Global can help. We are specialists at delivering replacement parts into the field rapidly anywhere in the world in timelines that meet your service level agreement obligations.

The basis for our success in delivering service logistics has its roots in inventory integrity. Flash Global’s best-in-class technology, streamlined processes and robust reporting capabilities provide inventory visibility and accuracy throughout your after-sales supply chain. We do this by consistently shipping parts on time.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to providing after-sales service and technicians in new international markets? Not sure how to handle reclaiming and recycling used parts and products in a cost-effective manner? Confused by the myriad of rules and regulations of global trade compliance? Flash Global can help.

How We Can Help

Flash Global works on your behalf after the sale to support your products around the world. Our goals are to minimize product downtime, optimize spare parts warehousing and reduce total cost of ownership.

We do this by designing world-class solutions around your installed base and SLAs. In fact, our dynamic software, FlashTrac, in addition to our warehouse and distribution model, helps our customers to achieve an average of 98%+ KPIs in shipping and receiving accuracy, on-time performance metrics, inventory accuracy, and dock-to-stock on-time performance.

There is nothing on the market that comes close to FlashTrac, which we built for the service supply chain. Here are a few of the things FlashTrac can do for you:

  • Provide end-to-end visibility into your global parts inventory.
  • Reduce inventory costs.
  • Empower you to place orders based on availability by location.
  • Facilitate the completion, delivery and storage of accurate trade compliance documentation.
  • Alleviates many of the top challenges that solar and energy OEMs face.

In short, we help you keep your solar, wind, oil and gas customers satisfied and asking for more.

Our services include:

  • Spare parts logistics that delivers replacement parts to the right place at the right time, minimizing overhead and downtime.
  • In-region and in-country IOR/EOR services that help move spare parts across international borders.
  • Country-specific regulatory and trade compliance.
  • Field services – dispatching service technicians to quickly address problems.
  • Asset recovery and recycling.
  • Rapid support in more than 140 countries

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