Support, Service & Logistics for Data Storage

The global economy runs on data, and no company can afford downtime. Your products are essential and your focus on innovation is paramount to your success.

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Support, Service & Logistics for Data Storage

The global economy runs on data, and no company can afford downtime. Your products are essential to almost every function of modern business and your focus on innovation is paramount to the success of your company.

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Data Storage Made Easy

Access to data can make or break a company, but consolidation in the data storage industry has made it more difficult for OEMs to provide local service support in all markets.

Partnering with Flash Global lets you service your products in every corner of the world, and we’ve earned the trust of some of the globe’s largest data storage manufacturers that have combined revenues topping more than $150 billion annually. Our teams handle difficult issues on their behalf, including global trade compliance, GDPR compliance, in-region IOR/EOR management which are key components of the service supply chain.

The Challenges of Global Product Support

Hardware reliability is critical, yet equipment failures happen. When a crucial piece of your equipment interrupts service or causes a company-wide failure, you need to get replacement parts in service quickly.

Reliability requires a streamlined logistics network and robust service supply chain. If you’re going to meet your service level agreements, you must have complete end-to-end visibility and the ability to quickly replace products while keeping downtime to a minimum.

In addition, data storage — specifically as it relates to security and personal privacy — has moved from the technical arena to the legislative realm. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance regulations apply to any organization operating in the EU and any organization located outside the EU that provides goods or services anywhere within the EU. Penalties are stiff: An organization can face a maximum fine of 20 million Euros or 4% of worldwide sales.

GDPR compliance is much like the rest of trade compliance in that you have to ensure your business partners and suppliers are also GDPR compliant. Your company can be held responsible for the mistakes/failures of your business partners, whether they make a mistake on import paperwork or cause a data breach.

Flash Global can help you navigate the maze of regulations that affect international commerce, as well as keep your customers delighted with the level of after-sales service they receive.

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How We Can Help

Global supply chains are complex, and there are many, many opportunities for mistakes. Flash Global is a reliable service supply chain partner — helping our customers achieve an average of 98%+ KPIs in shipping and receiving accuracy, on-time performance metrics, inventory accuracy and dock-to-stock on-time performance.

The key to brand loyalty, and increasing the bottom line, is keeping customers happy after the sale. Flash Global helps you support your customers’ data storage hardware needs by minimizing downtime, having superb spare parts warehousing and management, and reducing total cost of ownership.

Our services include:

  • Spare parts logistics – Get the right part to the right place at the right time.
  • In-country IOR/EOR services that help decrease turnaround time for parts identified as no-trouble-found (NTF) or no-fault-found (NFF) and get components back into customers’ equipment.
  • Asset recovery and recycling.
  • GDPR compliance – Flash won’t have products in its facilities that aren’t GDPR compliant. In addition, we can help data storage facilities become GDPR compliant.
  • Worldwide support – Flash has operations in over 140 countries and can dispatch technicians to quickly address issues.

Another strategic advantage we provide is access to FlashTrac, our world-class technology that was made just for this — the service supply chain. Our customers tell us FlashTrac is the best in its class because this technology:

  • Provides visibility into their global parts inventory.
  • Allows them to place orders based on availability by location.
  • Integrates with other supply chain systems for end-to-end visibility.
  • Saves money on inventory costs.
  • Facilitates the completion, delivery and storage of trade compliance documentation.
  • Connects with TracStar, our stellar warehouse management software.
  • Alleviates many of the pressing challenges data storage manufacturers face.

Learn more about our all of our service supply chain offerings.


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