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It’s Time to Fix How You Handle Repairs

Published: May 2, 2018

In the high-stakes world of enterprise technology, repairs and replacements cost original equipment manufacturers big-time but there’s no way around the investment. If you think you spend a lot on screen, test and repair now, just wait. As the global economy expands, so, too, will customer expectations. Now’s the time to scrutinize your processes and strategic partnerships — and consider today’s ways to fix defective units.

There are two common approaches: Do it yourself in-house or outsource to one or more trusted partners. Each approach has its advantages and challenges. There is a lot to consider when making that choice — are you achieving optimal turnaround times? Are you controlling total cost of ownership? Is your inventory management effective and efficient? Are you fully leveraging in-region resources to streamline trade compliance efforts and control costs? Finally, are you capturing the data throughout the returns and repair process to drive informed business decisions?

A robust returns and warranty management program, one that includes screen, test and repair services, is essential to addressing those areas. Download and read this report to learn more. Then, for a deeper consultation regarding how screen, test and repair services can help you achieve greater customer satisfaction, connect with a Flash Global expert.

Tap the button below to download our Screen, Test and Repair white paper, which includes:

  • 5 key challenges in screen, test and repair
  • The options: In-house or outsource, and costs associated with each
  • A real-world case study
  • 5 distinct advantages for using a service supply chain solutions provider

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