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Last modified: February 25, 2019

Trade compliance is a complex requirement if you’re doing business globally. When done well, a trade compliance program can accelerate expansion, help meet SLA requirements and keep you and your company from delayed shipments, fines and even jail time. We’ve got your back every step of the way. The following is an overview of Flash’s Global Trade Compliance solution.

To put it simply, our trade compliance mission is to ensure that Flash and our customers consistently comply with worldwide and country specific import and export trade laws, rules and regulations.

Trade Compliance provides training, trade risk determination, classification & duty/tax reviews. We also provide country specific import/export information, export classification and licensing determination as well as internal audit. The Trade Compliance team will often take the lead in resolving trade compliance issues as well as client setup review to ensure the risk of shipment delays are removed. Our ultimate goal is to meet and exceed all worldwide trade regulatory requirements. The Trade Compliance team also provides trade compliance policy, procedures and standards for Flash Global’s worldwide operations.

The benefits of a strong trade compliance program are in a reducing risk and shipment delays as well as to avoid fines, penalties and forfeitures or other legal remedies that include the loss of import and export privileges. Trade compliance in today’s global market place should always be treated seriously. Find out how not adhering to trade compliance in the supply chain will hurt you.

Flash offers our customers a strong risk management program as well as assistance in understanding and meeting the many trade regulatory requirements when shipping globally.

Our solution-based programs include an initial and ongoing trade compliance support, updates, feedback and training offered to Flash Global customers.

Drop us a note to learn more about our Trade Compliance services.

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