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FCPA Compliance for Executives


Nov 16, 2018

The Executive’s Guide To FCPA Compliance For Supply Chain Management

About this Guide If your company is joining the global marketplace, understanding how the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) combats bribes and defines compliance, is required

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Apr 27, 2017

Service Parts Supply Chain Best Practices & Considerations – Part 1

Supply chain management, particularly within the service parts supply chain, has grown dramatically

Flash Global Article on TLNT


Apr 25, 2017

Answering One Simple Question Can Inspire Passion for the Job

You want great teams performing within your organization? In his article, "Why Talking Passion Can M

Our Guy Charley Hoffman


Apr 9, 2017

Our Guy Charley Hoffman remains very much in hunt at Masters

Sunday at Augusta. There’s no better drama anywhere in the golf world, and Our Guy Charley Hoffman

Our Guy Charley Hoffman


Apr 8, 2017

Our Guy Charley Hoffman Keeps Share of Lead at Masters

Charley Hoffman, Flash Global’s favorite son golfer, knows a thing or two about perseverance. Some

Our Guy Charley Hoffman


Apr 7, 2017

Our Guy Charley Hoffman Takes Command at Masters

Charley Hoffman, aka Our Guy Charley is living the dream on golf’s biggest stage, and the entire F

Top Trends in Data Storage


Top Data Storage Trends in 2017, Part III: Fibre Channel Declines & Mergers Take Hold

While cloud and flash storage are set to dominate the market, the means of information transfer for

our guy charley hoffman


Get Your Green On: Support Our Guy Charley as He Plays the Masters

It’s time for the Masters at Augusta, and our guy Charley Hoffman is looking to continue his roll

OurGuyCharley Hoffman


Charley Hoffman sets pace at Arnold Palmer Invitational

Charley Hoffman is doing himself and the Flash Global family proud this week at the Arnold Palmer In


Technology & Service Supply Chain Visibility
December 11, 2018 at 11am ET


Successful Warranty Replacement Management: A Service Supply Chain Case Study


VLOG: What the *Bleep* is a Service Supply Chain

Supply chains have been around in some fashion since the days of the ancient Romans — probably longer. Service supply chains? Well, that’s another story, one Flash Global continues to write on a daily basis. Simply put, the service supply chain is defined as: A detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation comprised of […]

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