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FCPA Compliance for Executives


Nov 16, 2018

The Executive’s Guide To FCPA Compliance For Supply Chain Management

About this Guide If your company is joining the global marketplace, understanding how the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) combats bribes and defines compliance, is required

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top data storage trends 2017


Jul 7, 2017

Top Data Storage Trends in 2017, Part IV: As Storage Industry Consolidates, Data Storage Leaves Home

The data storage industry is shrinking. The number of companies and technologies are being consolida



Charley Hoffman finishes 8th at US Open

Charley Hoffman, aka OurGuyCharley, once again flirted with making a major breakthrough over the wee

IT Lifecycle Management


Repair, Refurbish or Recycle: Maximizing Value through IT Lifecycle Management

High-tech OEMs want and need to focus on what they do best: making the components and parts needed t

service supply chain competitive advantage


May 23, 2017

Using Your Service Supply Chain to Drive Value & Gain Competitive Advantage

After the initial sale, manufacturers and distributors have traditionally struggled with driving fur

trade compliance violation cost


May 23, 2017

What Can a Violation of Trade Compliance Cost?

Trade compliance has become a buzzword in modern global business, and ensuring your business adheres

global trade compliance


May 23, 2017

What Constitutes a Global Trade Compliance Violation?

New and aspiring business owners often associate payment of taxes as the sole requirements of global

trade compliance Hong Kong


May 23, 2017

Trade Compliance Update: New Rules for Exporting and Re-Exporting to and from Hong Kong

The U.S. Commerce Department, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published a rule on January 19,

global trade compliance vs. unethical business


May 23, 2017

What Is the Difference Between Global Trade Compliance Violations and Unethical Business?

Global Trade compliance is complicated when taking into account your company’s extensive supply ch


Technology & Service Supply Chain Visibility
December 11, 2018 at 11am ET


Successful Warranty Replacement Management: A Service Supply Chain Case Study


VLOG: What the *Bleep* is a Service Supply Chain

Supply chains have been around in some fashion since the days of the ancient Romans — probably longer. Service supply chains? Well, that’s another story, one Flash Global continues to write on a daily basis. Simply put, the service supply chain is defined as: A detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation comprised of […]

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