High-Tech Parts Recycling and Disposal Services


High-Tech Parts Recycling and Disposal Services

High-Tech Service Parts Recycling
& Disposal Services

Flash Global now offers high-tech part disposal and recycling services to provide our delivery and warehouse customers industry-leading disposal and recycling solutions across 80 global locations. With an array of benefits including 24/7 customer support, Flash offers high-tech OEMs a secure and seamless solution to recycle their high-tech assets responsibly nearly anywhere in the world.

Ensuring safety against data breaches and compliance with global disposal regulations, Flash offers its customers turnkey disposal and recycling solutions of their service parts, including:

  • Data destruction
  • Safe handling
  • Material recycling
tech parts for recycling

Thorough Recycling Process

Pre-Processing Checks

Hazardous Materials Removal

Meticulous Data Destruction


of Materials

Recycling with Flash Global

Recycling Solutions For OEMs

Flash Global serves as a trusted one-stop shop for global service parts logistics services for high-tech OEMs. The value of our disposal and recycling services is immense:

+ Integrated logistics management solutions for entire product life cycles.

+ An easy and reliable way of retiring high-tech parts anywhere in the world while ensuring that data is kept safe, and our services comply with local regulations.

+ The confidence and peace of mind we’ve been providing customers for decades.

True One Touch Recycling Services

Continuous Availability

  • 24/7 customer support

On-Site Services

  • Asset packing and palletization
  • Asset list reconciliation

Compliance Assurance

  • Certificates of destruction
  • Load reports
  • Transport documents
  • Serial number recaptures

Secure Transport

  • Logistics solutions optimized for security and safety
  • Secure chain of custody

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