Top 10 Companies Revolutionizing Supply Chain in 2022

Article Summary

In recent years, global supply chains have been strained by a severe constriction of logistics capacity. This has led to sharp increases in prices: On average, international container shipping rates have more than quadrupled since 2019, and schedule delays have risen significantly. In some vital trading routes, such as Asia–Europe and North America, the rate spikes have been even higher, and the delays have been even more frequent.

For high-tech OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), these supply chain challenges have been compounded: Not only do high-tech OEMs have to contend with the universal strain on the global supply chain, but they also have to contend with the fulfillment of specialized service contract service level agreements (SLAs) that necessitate the warehousing and distribution of high-tech replacement parts. Moreover, they often require knowledgeable field techs to resolve issues in a timely manner in remote locations throughout the world. Fortunately, Flash Global, the world’s premier provider of high-tech service parts logistics services, is available to help high-tech OEMs overcome these additional challenges.

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