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Your company depends on you to maintain adequate spare parts inventory at all times while controlling costs. That’s a simple way of putting it, but we want to get to the point. Your post-sales challenges are our bread and butter, and we’d love to hear your story.

The Right Solutions and People in Place

Logistics is a broad term with layers of implications that vary with the situation. We know exactly what you think when you hear the phrases, “post-sales service,” “service logistics,” “reverse logistics,” or “service supply chain,” and we know the road ahead of you. We also know that you will not sleep if you don’t have the right solutions and people in place. Let’s address some of the challenges you face.

The Challenges Logistics Managers Face

As a service logistics manager, you own total cost of ownership (TCO), fulfilling nearly impossible global SLAs and scaling with the growth of your company. In addition, you now must find even smarter solutions around no trouble found (NTF) managements, configure to order (CTO) and repair. As if that were not daunting enough, people in your position are underfunded and understaffed — and the expectations keep increasing.

To succeed, you must:

  • Know where your installed base is and what SLAs are in place, by customer.
  • Have warehouses located within SLA delivery times.
  • Maintain visibility into global inventory and have stocking parameters in place.
  • Have transportation options to cover all SLAs – with backup/contingency plans.
  • Manage imports/exports by meeting all cumbersome compliance rules and regulations.
  • Successfully ship the right spare part to the right place and at the right time.

In addition, every logistics manager has to expect the unexpected. External events completely out of your control can upend a supply chain and send costs spiraling. Nobody can predict a natural disaster, political crisis, or labor strike, but nevertheless logistics professionals have to be ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Are you trying to handle all this by yourself or with a small staff? If the answer is yes, read on.

Proactive Account Management

Flash Global is relentlessly focused on flawless execution and client satisfaction.

Partnering with Flash Global as your proactive supply chain solutions provider results in added value and reduced waste throughout the entire supply chain. We seek out opportunities for improvements, examine each major point along the supply chain, and maintain an open dialogue to implement strategies with value-added propositions.

Flash Global is passionate about serving as your partner, not a transactional service provider. This means our customers benefit from our years of experience not only in service parts supply chain but also in operations, technology supply chain services, and business consulting. Flash continually builds on our commercial and technical capabilities, allowing us to assess, develop, and implement proactive supply chain solutions, measure their ongoing success, and predict the likelihood of disruptions to mitigate potential damage.

Our leadership team has extensive experience in designing, developing, and implementing best-in-class processes, service-delivery programs, tools, partnerships, products, and high-performing global teams. Sam Mikles, president and CEO of Flash Global, is an accomplished senior-management executive with a unique blend of 17-plus years of experience leading growth and ensuring sustainable results in global service and logistics organizations. Mikles has transformed Flash Global from a traditional 3PL to a dynamic, collaborative company that creates and nurtures strong partnerships with customers.

Driving the Proactive Partnership

To facilitate and maximize these partnerships, each client is assigned a Director of Client Services (DCS). As your single point of contact within the global Flash organization, the DCS manages your account from initial implementation and throughout the life of the partnership.

Responsibilities of the DCS include:

  • Review of your company’s annual strategic requirements; translate these into tactical plans.
  • Conduct quarterly business reviews, deriving insights from analytics; review projects; discuss your requirements and manage projects.
  • Review business performance through daily, weekly, and monthly reporting; proactively address issues and challenges.
  • Function as your advocate within the global Flash organization.
  • Engage Flash leaders in order to progressively implement solutions to grow your business.

Our DCS teams maintain a solid partnership with our clients and drive proactive company synergy. Your DCS will create account referenceability and strive for continuous improvement.

Our Proactive Account Management follows a proven process

  • Manage: Deepen relationships with clients, creating strong partnerships.
  • Assess: Understand the client’s needs and logistics level.
  • Strategic planning: Develop innovative solutions to meet short- and long-term growth plans.
  • Implement: Take action on strategic plans and customize as required.
  • Measure: Proactive communication plans and meaningful QBRs.

Flash Global’s proactive supply chain management combines the knowledge and dedication of our tenured team with technology, making the impossible possible… anywhere, anytime.

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