Flash Global Summer Music Series

Second in a 10-blog series tying music to the Service Supply Chain.


In a world driven by technology, something is bound to go wrong eventually. Parts break or wear out. Wires fry. Hard drives stop running. Servers shut down. The world doesn’t stop just because your hardware or software decided to check out without warning. Your customers want — even demand — replacement parts immediately. To keep customers happy, you need a seasoned, follow-the-sun post-sales logistics partner who’s willing to do whatever it takes — one willing to work eight days a week to prove it.

Post-Sales Logistics: Hard Work & Relationships

Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the tune Eight Days a Week was released on a Beatles album in 1964. Sir Paul says the inspiration came from a chauffeur, who when asked how he was doing, replied: “Oh, working hard. Working eight days a week.” The song’s lyrics speak to relationships and the length someone would go to prove their dedication.

     Ooh, I need your love, babe

     Guess you know it’s true

     Hope you need my love, babe,

     Just like I need you.

Your customers love you for the rad tech products and services you provide. In turn, you love your customers — without them, you wouldn’t be in business.

     Love you, every day, girl

     Always on my mind

     One thing I can say girl

     Love you all the time

The sale isn’t the end of the journey… it’s the beginning. The depth and breadth of that relationship hinges on your ability to support each customer as though they are your top priority.  Today… and every day.

     Eight days a week

     I love you

     Eight days a week

     Is not enough to show I care

To what extent will you go to ensure your customers’ complete satisfaction, anywhere in the world? Do you have replacement parts close by to ensure customers are back up and running in a matter of hours? Will you work around the clock, even on holidays? That’s the level of commitment your global customers demand and deserve — eight days a week.

You Need The Right Partner

Delivering that level of service to thousands of customers around the globe isn’t easy. You can’t go it alone. You need to have a trusted partner. One that has an expansive global footprint supported by a legion of local experts who are well versed in post-sales logistics and global trade compliance. A dedicated team that is willing to work eight days a week to keep your customers up and running.

That’s where we come in. Flash Global is a leader in the service supply chain industry. Our end-to-end suite of integrated services — post-sales service parts logisticstechnical servicesfield services and global trade compliance — empowers us to build global solutions that are locally fueled. Spare parts can be delivered to customers in 2-4 hours anywhere in the world, thanks to our dedicated team that operates from an eight days a week mindset.

That’s how we roll. If you’re looking for that kind of dedicated post-sales logistics partner, we should talk soon.

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