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Optimizing Your Post-Sales Services and Support

Q. How does Flash Global fit into the service supply chain and how does this benefit customers?

A. Global Solutions, Locally Fueled. That’s how Flash Global helps companies looking to grow service logistics capabilities with a partner who is solely focused on time-sensitive service parts solutions. Using our purpose-built technology, which is standard at each location, our customers experience consistency in service, accuracy and visibility globally. While many of our competitors are distracted by servicing the demands of ecommerce, Flash focuses solely on 2HR, 4HR, NBD and NFO deliveries. We are an extension of our customers, and we understand their unique challenges, needs and goals. That’s how we build highly configurable solutions that help our customers fulfill their need to succeed and achieve resiliency.

Q. As we emerge from the pandemic, companies are looking to achieve resiliency. What does Flash do to help in this regard?

A. Resiliency is a requirement of how we do business. Among the lessons we learned early in the pandemic was that global service supply chains had become too lean. The zealousness to control inventory carrying costs led many companies to limit the number of FSL warehouses in network. The pandemic showed that our clients needed to be closer to their install base to mitigate risk and future disruptions. We are strategically helping our customers reassess their service supply chains. They’re evaluating their target stocking levels and their min/max planning equations regarding service inventory. And many are expanding their FSL network to accommodate being closer to their end customers.

Q. How can High-Tech OEMs benefit from Flash Global’s services?

A. By partnering with Flash Global, OEMs can laser focus on accelerating revenue through new customer acquisition and the sale of high-margin service contracts. Flash handles all spare parts logistics and other post-sales support for you. We have warehousing operations established in 140+ countries, which will save OEMs significant CAPEX associated with building leases, staffing, utilities and other start-up costs. Not only will we help establish high-tech OEMs near their install base, but we also provide end-to-end visibility into their supply chain via FlashTrac, our proprietary technology platform purpose-built to meet the requirements of spare parts logistics. FlashTrac is a single-pane window into all data associated with orders and inventory management in every Flash location around the world. Our customers experience consistency in service, accuracy and visibility globally.

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How To Succeed By Optimizing Post-Sales Service And Support

Resiliency doesn’t just happen. It takes planning, strategic guidance and an ability to be agile when disruption strikes. We listen and feel that need to succeed. We get to know you and your products intimately. We collaborate and then we build a configurable solution. That’s what resiliency is all about.