I am pleased you are visiting our website to learn more about Flash Global. Hopefully, I can help a little, by providing some “behind the scenes” information. Maybe our paths have crossed in the past, maybe not … so you may not have heard our mission, our goals, our motivation for building a best-in-class service supply chain solutions company. You may be thinking …“What is a service supply chain?” Well, the answer is simple, yet complex. Let me explain.

Flash Global traditionally has been a 3PL that provides service logistics solutions for customers who require the (outsourced) ability to store, ship, and track spare parts to service their end customers in mission-critical hardware environments. This must be done in a very predictable and consistent manner, while providing complete visibility into performance anytime, anywhere around the globe. In other words, we simply warehouse, provide transportation and manage the 24/7 delivery process to provide spare-parts support for some of the most demanding hi-tech customers in the world. We’ve become proficient at providing these services and will continue to get even better as we strive to meet the ever-increasing demand for these services. As technology evolves, customers evolve, the industry evolves, the world evolves … so, too, does Flash Global. We have been building and transforming from a traditional 3PL (transactional-based model) to a service supply chain solutions company that creates deeper and broader value-added services that will help our customers accelerate their growth.

In order to accomplish this mission, we must evolve into a best-in-class service supply chain solutions company that provides not only 3PL services, but also innovates and strengthens our services footprint around the globe. Value-based solutions such as configure to order (CTO), direct order fulfillment (DOF), continuing with warehousing … both distribution (DCs) and forward stocking (FSLs), while creating our Customer Response Centers (CRCs), importer and exporter of record activity in over 110 countries, mission critical (2-4 hour) and non-time sensitive deliveries of spare parts (scheduled or next business day), break/fix field services with tech support, asset recovery, in-region screen, test or repairs and that ultimately creates the service supply chain cycle of life … which repeats itself over and over again. All the while being done on a single operating platform (single instance), generating complete (proactive) visibility into all the services we provide. See? It’s simple, yet very complex. Yet we’re good at this because we have a passion for it, a crazy passion — some might call it an obsession. It’s what gives us our edge as we create this integrated service suite, known as our service supply chain.

Flash CEO

We want to keep things simple as we leverage technology, people and contracts. You don’t have to chat with multiple divisions within our company to formulate an integrated services solution; we have built (and continue to build) expertise, creating deep bench strength around the globe, with a customer-first mentality. We are big on innovation, we are big on consistency and being predictable in all the services we provide. I don’t want you guessing, nor should I. We require both visibility and consistency for your customers, regardless of where and when the support is required.

My commitment to you is also simple (I like simple): We want to be your trusted service supply chain partner that will create and execute as expected anytime, anywhere around the world. I want your customers to feel, think and breathe your brand; I want to help make that happen while also protecting your brand as we service your customers as our own. We will be an immediate extension of your team to create scalability and leverage.

If that’s the kind of commitment you’re looking for, give us the opportunity to talk. You never know what good may come.
Thank you for making the time to learn more about Flash Global, and Enjoy the Day!

President & CEO

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ROI we’ve been providing the world’s leading high-tech companies.
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Connect With Us

Contact us today to learn how we can provide your company the exceptional ROI we’ve been providing the world’s leading network hardware companies.
Let us show you how we can help your company grow, too.