Sam Mikles’ Big Prediction for Supply Chains in 2019

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The ‘now’ experience that consumers expect at retail will continue to force dramatic changes to the supply chain industry during 2019, predicts Flash President and CEO Sam Mikles.

2019 Supply Chain PredictionsSam recently wrote a thought piece for EBN that outlined his projections for the coming year. Among his predictions:

  • A more thoroughly digitized supply chain should create a simpler, more visible and optimized service delivery experience.
  • Companies will look to outsource their insourced service supply chain or try and optimize existing outsourcing.
  • Relationships between supply partners and manufacturers and retailers will become ever more critical for everyone’s continued success.

Read Sam’s article in its entirety here.

Last year, Sam wrote a similar piece on what he expected for the top logistics trends for 2018. Check out whether his predictions were on target here.

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