Flash Global Article On TLNT Site: Why Talking Passion Can Make All the Difference

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Flash Global Chief Operating Officer Matt Zimmer knows what it takes to build and nurture strong teams in the workplace, and he shared some of his insights in an article that is now live on TLNT, a site dedicated to Talent Management and Human Resources.

You want great teamFlash Global Article on TLNTs with passionate, talented employees, but Matt believes there has to be more than the low-level awareness that creating a standout team is a good goal to achieve. You have to make it happen, not just talk about it. This requires one-on-one communication between managers and employees centered around one important question: “What responsibilities or work functions do you most enjoy?”

An excerpt from the article

Plan to hold at least two to three meetings with each person to discuss their answer to this question, since they likely haven’t been asked which tasks they love by management. This no doubt takes a lot of time, but the end result is worth it, and I’ve found it to be key to turning around underperforming divisions and sites. In fact, I spend 20% to 30% of my time talking to employees – from top to bottom – when I work with divisions needing improvement. That’s how important people and their passions are to the success equation.

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