Sam Mikles’ Article on EBN: 5 Trends Impacting Logistics in 2018

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What are the major trends that service supply chain professionals should have their eyes on as they embark on a new year? Flash Global President and CEO Sam Mikles has more some expert thoughts on the subject, and he recently penned an article for EBN, “5 Trends Impacting Logistics in 2018.”

service supply chain trends

  1. Supply Chain Visibility: Every company is faced with meeting increased demands for providing an Amazon- or Uber-like customer experience. Businesses will seek out solutions that will optimize service supply chains and provide end-to-end visibility that enables teams to track orders from origin 24/7/365 anywhere in the world.
  2. Value-add Services: Sam has long said the traditional 3PL approach to service supply chain logistics won’t cut it anymore. That’s why he’s leading his company and the industry toward a holistic approach with a much greater emphasis on end-to-end solutions that integrate innovative services such as configure to order (CTO), screen and test, and depot repairs of defective products. In 2018, companies will seek to form strategic partnerships with providers who can include such services and more in comprehensive service supply chain solutions that will keep parts in their network to interlock those services.

To learn three more trends Sam says will shape service logistics in the coming year, read “5 Trends Impacting Logistics in 2018” on the EBN website.