Why You Need an OEM-Authorized Partner to Run Your Service Supply Chain

The modern world is more connected than ever. People can order practically anything online, and in fact, this is part of why Amazon uses an arrow in its logo. Unfortunately, this growing dissemination of technology and products also poses major challenges for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), especially with relation to OEM computer parts and repair services. However, partnering with a third-party service supply chain solutions provider, such as Flash Global, can accelerate global growth.

What Is Causing the Disconnect Between OEM-Authorized Partners and End-Users?

Think about how Amazon has “everything from A to Z.” This inherently means computers and information technology (IT) software platforms, suites or equipment are also available, but how do these products reach customers around the globe? Meanwhile, the ability to repair these items efficiently and cost-effectively is continually challenged by geographic limitations. In other words, Company A may not offer OEM computer parts for items A, B and C in Location D.

The reasons for these barriers can vary. Political issues can infringe on a company’s ability to ship products to civilian-owned companies, or geographic barriers might make operating a factory illogical in certain areas. The solution to this disconnect is to provide a means of transporting OEM-authorized items from the manufacturer to authorized retailers and repair vendors in environmentally or politically isolated areas. Thus, OEM-authorized service parts dealers must rely on end-to-end service supply chain partners to achieve a larger global reach, such as the footprint of Flash Global.

Service Supply Chain Solutions — More Than Logistics

The supply chain industry is evolving to keep up with ever-increasing customer demands. To succeed in the global marketplace, companies must think beyond the traditional 3PL approach to outsourced logistics. This includes an increased emphasis on procurement, reverse logistics, and repair, replacement or recycling of OEM computer parts, reports Supply Chain 24/7.  More importantly, additional services such as advanced analytics capabilities, auditing and increased real-time collaboration offer the added value needed to expand internationally with ease. Flash Global offers all of this and more through a unique approach — The Simplicity of One: one suite of end-to-end global services, a single point of contact and a single contract.

The Internet of Things Is Becoming More Important

Machine-to-machine connectivity, otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is also becoming a major reason for companies to work with service supply chain providers. Outsourcing processes, including shipping of OEM-authorized computer parts, can be enhanced by improving the tracking and visibility into every step in the product’s time in-transit, explains Ralph Rio of Logistics Viewpoints. This includes end-to-end visibility, encouraging manufacturers to improve warehousing and manufacturing centers, increasing the accountability and responsiveness of delivery drivers and managing the overall flow of products through distribution centers and local channels.

The IoT is also becoming less expensive, but service supply chain solutions providers tend to have IoT-based resources already implemented. In other words, the investment to outsource OEM distribution of parts through a service supply chain solutions provider may be much smaller than implementing IoT-connected devices in your company. Ultimately, you see a higher return on investment while still maintaining your company’s image.

Increase Your Global Footprint with Flash Global

It can seem like you are limited on how far your business can grow globally. However, by collaborating with a service supply chain solutions provider, such as Flash Global, you can take advantage of new markets, access untapped resources and ensure scalability of your company. In fact, take a look at Flash Global’s Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs), and think about how large you want your company to grow and where you need to be.

To find out more about Flash Global end-to-end solution for service supply chain logistics, use the form below to get in touch. An expert advisor can help address your specific needs and provide the detailed information you need to succeed.


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