High-tech OEMs searching for a partner to run their global service supply chains have many choices. But how do you know you’re choosing the best provider for depot repair, configure to order and service supply chain logistics?

Flash Global’s tenured expertise in depot repair and configure to order means you’re getting services refined over time. You enjoy the benefits of our “time in the saddle” refining and optimizing core logistics processes.

Hey, this isn’t our first rodeo.

We’re veterans in the service supply chain logistics space. We get how important a reliable configure-to-order strategy is for business’s bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Benefiting from Flash Global CTO Services: International Expansion

Expanding business into new countries requires ramping staff, sometimes hundreds at a time.

To be productive, extra staff requires computers on the day they start. There’s nothing more frustrating than paying someone to sit around while IT sets up their computer. We see it all too often.

Flash Global has helped dozens of clients worldwide avoid this situation using our configure-to-order services. Rather than relying on in-house IT department for these one-time services, outsource those tasks to Flash Global.

In fact, right now a global information technology is using Flash Global configure to order services to deliver 22,935 laptops over the next 36 months.

Configure to Order Services: International Hardware Refresh

Consider this scenario: It’s time to refresh desktop and laptop computers at one of your international facilities. You’ve place a large order for new computers and laptops.

What’s the best option for building, testing, and deploying corporate-standard images to the new hardware?

Flash Global can help. Our CTO services begin with our team receiving batch shipments once cleared through customs in your office’s region.

From there, our CTO team gets to work configuring the new hardware. Here’s an example overview of our process:


Flash Global Configure to Order

  • Phase 1 – Robust information capture: First, we inventory and capture unit data such as serial number, revision, asset tag, OEM part number, etc.
  • Phase 2 – Image loading: Next, we load and test your approved corporate image(s) based on your order specifications and localization.
  • Phase 3 – Personalization: We carefully apply user-specific software, settings, policies, and profiles.
  • Phase 4 – The “handshake”: A secure connection back to your authorized server to verify/test setup, register software and enable licenses.
  • Phase 5 – Kitting: Country kits including power jacks, docking stations, or other equipment is packaged with each computer.
  • Phase 6 – Ship the package to end user: Finally the hardware is delivered to the user via Flash Global services or your internal IT staff.

Providing International CTO Turnkey Solutions

Whether you’re ramping up productivity in a remote region or refreshing technology capabilities, we can help. Configure-to-order the Flash Global way is very much a turnkey process kept simple by operating under a single global contract.

We keep your business growing smoothly with one goal in mind: maximize your technology investments.

Flash Global has turnkey solutions to empower your international workforce. And we’ve got the saddle time to back it up.

Are you ready to talk solutions with one of our configure-to-order experts? Send us a message to get started.