Mobility in Supply Chain: 6 Benefits of Managing Supply Chains on the Go

Technology has become such an integral part of our world. It is not only something that is used for entertainment or daily necessity, it is something that can help businesses complete more work in a more efficient manner. And it is finding its way into all aspects of businesses. It is no surprise, with how quickly technology has taken over our world, that it has become such a necessary tool to grow and maintain a business. It is almost something that must be maintained in order to stay in business. The ways of the past are no longer acceptable. Consumers demand results quickly. If you cannot deliver, they will go to your competitor. All of these points are reasons why mobility in the supply chain is required for more effective managing of supply chains in the field.

In the logistics, transportation, and supply chain fields, mobile devices (or often called smartphones) and applications are necessary tools. In these fields, the goal is to get products or goods from one place to another in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. In fact, there are several positions within these fields that focus solely on making the supply chains better and more efficient. With the rise of technology and apps that cater to these needs, companies have been able to equip their employees with ways to improve supply chains no matter if they are in field or in the corporate office.

Before smartphones and the applications for these businesses to utilize came along, companies had to rely on their employees to let them know of any issues at a later time. Now, they can let their managers know what is going on and look for a solution at the touch of a button. This allows companies to change any issues at a much faster rate. This allows for more flexibility and better service to customers. It also saves the company money because it allows the supply chain to be more efficient. This is just the beginning of what this mobility in supply chain change can do for the supply chain world.

6 Biggest Benefits to Incorporating Mobility in Supply Chain

1. Portability

The first benefit of mobility in supply chain is portability. This may seem like a very obvious point but this was not possible a few years ago. Being able to take your app with you anywhere you go allows you to make changes and make suggestions as you encounter them. You can check the status of jobs at any time by checking your application. This helps the management, other employees, and the company as a whole. Employees can review their checklists right on the application and even fulfill an order. This makes for a much more efficient and productive system.

2. Dealing with Issues in Real Time

The next benefit is that you can deal with any issues in real time and come up with the solutions right then. There is no more waiting on a report to come int o see where the problems are. You can see them when they occur and find the solution for them. This helps you better serve the customer and make better decisions. You will no longer learn about errors after the fact. Now, you can become more aware and decrease the reaction time.

3. Improved Health and Safety

Health and safety is another benefit of incorporating mobility in Supply Chain. It may be difficult to imagine, but there is also wearable technology that can help your employees make safer decisions. This technology can also monitor their movements and body temperature to ensure they are maintaining safe practices and are not getting too hot or cold. With this movement monitoring, you can also see where any problems are to better improve the process.

4. Precision Monitoring

Another benefit is precision monitoring. With these devices and applications, you can see where your employees are at all times. Through the use of GPS tracking, you can determine if they are on track or early for a shipment or if they are running behind. Through the use of this, you can determine areas of improvement. Where are you lagging? What is causing this? How can you fix it? All of these questions can be answered through these apps, like FlashView, which we use for our customers.

5. Relatability

Something that many people do not think of as a benefit is relatability. People respond well to this kind of technology, especially your employees makes the work much easier to complete since everything is available to them at the touch of a button. This can help them embrace the supply chain cycle and make them more valuable employees.

6. Affordability

The last benefit is affordability. Contrary to popular belief, implementing mobility in supply chain is not only affordable, but it may be cheaper than things you are currently using. Not to mention, in the long run it will save you a lot of money and make you more cost efficient. It can be implemented with little cost and will save you money in the long run.

With all of these benefits, what is holding you back from integrating mobility in supply chain management?


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