Maximizing the Efficiency of Replacement Parts Delivery through Network Modeling

Network Modeling in Spare Parts Supply Chain

As a premier provider of service parts logistics services, Flash Global provides a variety of solutions that go far beyond the scope of replacement parts delivery. One of the premium services we offer is network modeling – combining geospatial mapping and data analytics to deliver location intelligence.

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Network modeling is a geospatial analysis of customer data used to determine optimal warehouse locations for inventory stocking in order to meet their service contracts. Customers simply provide us with their customer location (installed base) details and associated service level agreements (SLAs), and we use our geographical network modeling process to identify exactly which facilities and locations are best suited to meet their SLAs, providing various cost and risk options. Our customers benefit from full location optimization during implementation, which maximizes replacement parts delivery coverage using an optimal number of facilities.

Network Modeling for Parts Delivery

Efficiency in Network Modeling

We offer a variety of network modeling services that help maximize the efficiency of replacement parts delivery:

COVERAGE – Using a list of our customers’ end users and committed service levels, we can determine which sites are within service, at risk, or require alternative solutions.

NETWORK OPTIMIZATION – We build tailored, cost-effective, same-day service networks based on our customers’ commitments to their end users. Our optimization process uses real-world driving conditions to allow our customers to get the most out of our network using as few locations as possible to consistently deliver on time.

GEOSPATIAL ANALYSIS – We leverage geospatial technology to gain unique insights into our customers’ replacement parts delivery operations. By viewing data within maps, we can answer questions and identify challenges and solutions alike in more meaningful ways than a spreadsheet can offer.

Given the complexities, expenses, and risks associated with replacement parts delivery on a global scale–particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic–it’s imperative that high-tech companies formulate strategies for efficient delivery of their replacement parts. Flash Global’s network modeling services give them the data they need to formulate those strategies.

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