Driving Immense Value Through Post-Sales Service Supply Chain Logistics

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It is somewhat ironic that, in today’s world of unimpeded technological growth, many companies still find it challenging to implement the best ways to strengthen their post-sales supply chain operations. Setting aside the innumerable hurdles the COVID-19 pandemic set up for logistics over the past two years, achieving precise and consistent visibility into an organization’s supply chain is currently the most critical element in ensuring a secure, healthy bottom line. Managing the movement of service parts from partner to partner, vendor to vendor, location to location, and finally to the hands of the consumer is an incredibly complex task; thus, in the face of this century’s biggest threat, maintaining constant visibility can become extremely difficult.

And according to Denise MacDonell, a long-standing supply chain management expert, it is almost impossible to establish a profitable service supply chain without a systemic solution in place. Fortunately, modern technologies like connected devices and the budding Industry 4.0 revolution are providing businesses with an opportunity to leverage the latest digital products that pave the way for improved supply chain operations.

As a result, the ultimate goal for any high-tech organization is to become a global enterprise, selling products all around the world—which also means setting up a global service supply chain. However, the last 18 months have demonstrated the fragility and complexity of global supply chains. Not all businesses have the financial resources or expertise to procure, stock, and ship service parts in all areas of the world. Denise insists that service supply chain and logistics… read the full story here.

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