Logistics & Cost Control for CFOs

You need operational efficiencies that save your company time and money. We know what it takes to reduce your total cost of ownership while providing customers with world-class service.

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Logistics & Cost Control for CFOs

You need operational efficiencies that save your company time and money. We know what it takes to reduce your total cost of ownership while providing customers with world-class service.

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The Right Solutions and People in Place

Flash Global’s service supply chain offers CFOs control over hard costs and improves operational efficiencies. This, in turn, helps your company streamline your cash cycle, turning your inventory investments into profit more quickly.Whether you’re gearing up for massive growth into new markets, need to outsource support so you can focus on your core business activities, or simply want a new partner, Flash Global is ready to step into the game.


The Challenges CFOs and Purchasing Managers Face 

Optimizing or reducing total cost of ownership is the driving force of a finance manager’s day. Every day you’re fighting forces — some known, some unknown — to lower warehouse overhead, distribution and transportation costs, which is something Flash Global understands.

If you’re a CFO, your world is all about balancing cost with what the company needs to grow the bottom line. When it comes to service supply chain solutions, you have many areas where you can reduce overhead while helping the service teams attain their goals.

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How We Can Help

We focus on both saving you money and making you money.

Our dynamic software, FlashTrac, paired with our warehouse and distribution model, assists our customers in achieving above industry average KPIs in shipping and receiving accuracy, on-time performance metrics, inventory accuracy, and dock-to-stock on-time performance. Again, all these KPI achievements lead to saving money. The speed at which it’s done and customer satisfaction level achieved creates happy customers — which supports new customer growth.

There is nothing on the market that comes close to FlashTrac, a software we built specifically for the service supply chain. Here are a few of the things FlashTrac can do for you:

  • Provide end-to-end visibility into your global parts inventory, so you know where given parts are at any time.
  • Reduce inventory costs.
  • Empower you to place orders based on availability by location.
  • Facilitate the completion, delivery and storage of accurate trade compliance documentation.

In short, FlashTrac alleviates many of the top challenges that finance professionals face.

Lowering Warehouse & Transportation Costs

When you need to bring additional efficiencies to your operations, Flash Global can help.

Our goals are to:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Service customers faster and increase satisfaction.
  • Minimize product downtime.
  • Optimize inventory levels and freight costs.
  • Identify and reduce hidden costs.
  • Manage duties, taxes and paperwork.
  • Mitigate your risk of trade compliance violations.

We bring 35+ years of experience to end-to-end logistics and have specialized in service supply chain for the past 15 years. Any challenges you’re facing, we’ve probably already seen and can help.

But Wait, There’s More

We empower you to make orders based on real-time data rather than stale or inaccurate information. We do this by designing world-class solutions around your installed base and SLAs. Our services include:

  • Spare parts logistics that delivers replacement parts to the right place at the right time, minimizing overhead and downtime.
  • IOR/EOR services.
  • Field services – dispatching service technicians to quickly address problems.
  • Tools and specialists who are measured on the same KPIs you are.
  • Asset recovery and recycling.

If your company tries to ramp up this level of service on your own, the operating costs, capital expenses, insurance and human capital costs will be enormous. Then, you’ll have ongoing management costs of the facilities and have to take on more liability. Flash Global already has the infrastructure to help your company grow now, without the hassle and expense.

Learn more about our all of our service supply chain offerings.

Global Solutions, Locally Fueled 

No matter what your supply chain challenges are, Flash Global stands ready to jump in. Just like a football team, service supply chain and service delivery requires planning, strong leadership, impeccable timing and precise execution.

We’re staffed and led by people who have worked the operations side of high-tech manufacturing, so we understand your needs. This experience prompted us to develop FlashTrac, a tech platform specially built for the high-tech after-sales supply chain.

Let Flash help you with:

  • Scalable operations and resources when you’re expanding into new markets.
  • Rapid support in more than 140 countries.
  • Country-specific regulatory and trade compliance.

We’ve built an end-to-end solution specifically for manufacturers with time-sensitive supply chain needs. Hiring us is cheaper than providing support yourself. Let Flash Global work for you. Contact us today to start saving money.

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