Scaling with Agility in LATAM: 45 New Depots in Less Than 30 Days


Scaling with Agility in LATAM: 45 New Depots in Less Than 30 Days 


Flash Global partnered with Juniper Networks, a global leader in AI Networking, Cloud, and Connected Security Solutions, to optimize their service logistics operations with more efficient solutions.

Juniper’s technology and services run the world’s largest and most demanding global networks.

This includes the top 100 global service providers, 30,000 enterprises – 99 of the Global Fortune 100, as well hundreds of federal, state, and local government agencies, and higher education organizations.

Time-Sensitive Expansion for Mission-Critical Parts 

Juniper required 45 turnkey depot operations to accommodate new customers in Mexico, and it needed to be completed in under 30 days. By achieving this expansion, they would be able to provide all levels of support to approximately 70% of the major population areas within the region.

Exceeding Expectations

Flash’s configurable service logistics solutions, ability to digitally transform the entire service supply chain operation, and reputation for getting SLAs met made the choice rather simple. 
Through this partnership, Juniper’s Global Service Operations organization opened 45 new depots in Mexico, within the desired timeframe. By delivering more than regional expansion, Flash enhanced Juniper’s service supply chain performance by:

Transforming operations through a single technology platform 

Upgrading post-sales support from NBD to 2HR or 4HR  

Reducing of distribution timelines by 75% 

Achieving a 60% reduction in US-based replenishment  

The improved efficiency, transparency, and predictability provided by Flash’s services led to increased customer satisfaction levels – not only for Juniper, but more specifically for their end-users.

Fast Forward

Due to the successful outcome of the Mexico expansion, when the time came to move all of Juniper’s Latin America and Mexico (LATAM) service logistics operations to a new provider that would consistently meet their stringent 2-hour and 4-hour delivery timelines, Flash was the partner Juniper trusted.

This time, Flash would have to navigate the entire LATAM transition amid global pandemic lockdowns. Within 45 days, Flash moved more than 7,200 mission-critical parts into 26 different forward-stocking locations in 24 countries. That’s what Flash calls results delivered. 

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