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Mission-Critical Service Parts Logistics Across the Globe

Medical Devices

OEM Logistics for Medical Devices

Mission Critical High-Tech Service Parts
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Mission Critical Medical Devices
Some of the world’s most critical high-tech service parts are those associated with medical devices. When your customers’ medical devices go down, not only is your bottom line affected and your brand reputation put to the test, but actual lives can be put at risk.

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Medical Device Solutions

As a medical device company, the stakes are too high to trust service contracts to anyone except Flash Global, the world’s premier service parts logistics provider for high-tech OEMs. With an overall 98% success rate of global SLA fulfillment, Flash is the provider of choice for diagnostic devices, imaging equipment, non-invasive medical equipment and more.

Post Sales Medical Device

Medical Device Logistics Support

  • Flash understands the unique, critical needs of high-tech medical device OEMs.

  • We’re quick to adapt to evolving medical technologies, as evidenced by the praise from some of the world’s leading medical OEMs.

  • We provide the configurable service parts logistics solutions our high-tech medical device customers demand.

  • Consistent, high level of service to meet our customers evolving needs worldwide.

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Meeting Your
Same-Day SLAs

When a critical high-tech medical device must be replaced or serviced around the globe, the world’s leading medical companies trust Flash Global to get their high-tech devices back up. We provide invaluable post-sales logistics services for their high-tech devices including delivery, storage, FDA compliance, trade compliance and repair.

Same Day SLA's
Medical Device Support

Class 1 and Class 2
Medical Device Support

We know that to be your service supply chain provider, there are strict regulations that need to be followed. Flash is certified in ISO 13485 to support your Class 1 and Class 2 medical device regulatory requirements and our Distribution Center in Columbus, Ohio is an FDA Registered facility for medical device manufacturing and support.

Medical OEM Device Logistics

Offering reliable two-hour (2HR), four-hour (4HR), next business day (NBD), and next flight out (NFO) service parts deliveries for medical device companies nearly anywhere in the world and delivering expert service wherever a service contract SLA for a high-tech medical device must be fulfilled, Flash Global has served as the world’s most trusted high-tech service parts logistics provider for the medical industry for years.   
Since 1983, the world’s leading medical companies have trusted us to deliver and service high-tech parts for their most critical devices. In the medical industry, an industry that increasingly uses more and more high-tech parts such as touchscreens, electric pumps and robotic arms, a reputation of trust is invaluable. 

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