Service Logistics in Network Hardware

Post-Sales Support for High-Tech Parts

Post Sales Logistics Network Hardware

Service Logistics in Network Hardware

Post-Sales Support for High-Tech Parts

Post Sales Logistics Network Hardware Solutions

From the Internet of Things to mobile phones, the modern world runs on network hardware. These days, a disruption in a network can be extremely costly to your business not only in terms of the immediate impact to your bottom line but also in terms of your overall brand reputation. It’s of utmost importance that your networks stay up-and-running as close to 24/7 as possible…when a critical part goes bad, it needs to be replaced immediately and installed correctly.

Post Sales Logistics Network Hardware Global

A trusted, worldwide leader in high-tech service parts logistics.

Flash Global was founded in 1983 as a service part logistics provider for one of the world’s first mobile phone companies. We’ve since grown with the world’s network hardware demand to deliver the world’s leading providers of network solutions the critical service parts logistics services they need.

Network Hardware
Post-Sales Support

+  Forward stocking locations (FSLs) for critical OEM spare part

+  Extensive importer & exporter of record (IOR/EOR) services

+  Reliable 2HR, 4HR, Next Business Day (NBD) and Next Flight Out (NFO) deliveries

+  A global network of highly-trained technicians

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Customers Continued Growth 

We have a strong track record of helping our network hardware customers grow their businesses by providing an exceptionally-high return on investment…they in turn have trusted us with a growing number of service level agreements (SLAs) throughout the world. Some of our global network hardware customers have been with us for over 10 years, and many of them started their relationships with us by hiring us in a single territory, adding new services as we’ve helped them grow.

Post Sales Logistics Network Hardware Globally

What Our Customers Say About Us

Within the last year we have opened over 100 new FSL locations across the globe. This process could have been very daunting, but it was completed efficiently and effectively due to excellent planning, communication, and collaboration
Matt Weldon, Vice President of Sales
Avnet Integrated Americas

Partnering with Flash to solve business issues allows Infinera to create an end-to-end process/network to support our customers’ success.

Christopher Dickerson,
VP of Service Planning and Logistics


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FlashTrac: Specifically Built for Post Sales Services

FlashTrac & FlashLite are in-house platforms that were built specifically for the Spare & Service Parts Industry. We understand the challenges of logistics, the importance of meeting SLAs around the world, and the strategic operations to get service parts delivered.

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