Field Services

Deploy certified technicians to your global installed base.


Field Services

Deploy certified technicians to your global installed base.


Global Solutions & Field Services

You want to broaden your global sales and support reach across global markets. Making the sale is one thing – and if you’re growing, your sales team is doing their job, but are you ready to support your products after the sale? You need an internal support team large enough to manage the enhanced growth and additional service needs. One that includes in-region expert technicians who can perform on-site activities.

Helping Hands, When You Need Them

Whether it’s a scheduled maintenance or an unplanned outage that brings your customer’s business to a standstill, you can’t afford extended downtime while waiting for expert help and spare parts to arrive. Each passing minute means decreased productivity, lost revenue and the potential for your company’s reputation to be reflected negatively.

Assembling this team of experts doesn’t happen overnight and is riddled with challenges. You could easily spend another 6 to 12 months setting up the right training and certification programs, and even more time getting your team properly up to speed. Or you could save time and money by choosing a partner, like Flash Global, who has access to a robust field services team around the globe ready to serve you and your customers.


Schedule Adherence

An expert technician and the right service parts must arrive onsite at the same time within a tight meeting window.

First-Time Fix Rates

The cost of return visits adds up exponentially. Repeated downtime is a productivity and profitability killer.

Visibility / Communications

Properly aligning expectations requires knowing where the technician and spare parts are at all times.

Flash Global has access to more than 12,000 highly-trained field service professionals who are in-region and within a 2- or 4-HR drive of your installed base anywhere in the world. Members of this on-demand network are certified in expert troubleshooting, diagnostics and service delivery engagement. They follow detailed customer service procedures and guidelines that outline all communication protocols and work instructions to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality service performance that accurately represents each customer’s brand — and we achieve a 99% first-time fix performance.


On-Site Break/Fix

Warranty/maintenance support done onsite within 2HR, 4HR or NBD response time, 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Product Installs

Racking, cabling & configuration done according to your specifications.

Product Refresh

Cosmetic touchups, software upgrades, component replacements extend the life of your products.

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